24 March 2006

Gulf property exhibition in Oman

The eighth Muscat International Fair International Trade & Industrial Exhibition and first Gulf Property & Investment Exhibition will be inaugurated today at the Oman International Exhibition Centre at Seeb.

The fair organised by OITE will conclude on March 23. The Gulf Property and Investment Exhibition is aimed at helping private and corporate investors talk face to face with the vendors and experts in Gulf property and other investment fields.

This platform will showcase new projects, strategies, investment opportunities to diversify individual and corporate investment portfolio. The exhibition focuses on promoting, popularising and familiarising property investment and other liquid investment opportunities available in the Sultanate of Oman and abroad.

Everything related to individual and corporate property; residential and commercial property developers and marketers; real estate agents, architects, designers, engineers, solicitors, and mortgage specialists, property investment advisors, project marketing specialists, property insurers, commercial and specialist banks, lenders and financial institutions will be found at the exhibition.

16 March 2006

China property investment boom in 2006

Morgan Stanley plans to invest three billion US dollars in the real estate sector in China this year, the Shanghai Securities News reported.

Citing an unidentified company official, the report said that the financial services firm expects China's real estate sector to continue to see strong growth due to the country's booming economy.

Morgan Stanley has invested a total of 1.5 bln usd in property projects in China over the past five years, according to the newspaper.

Morgan Stanley said last week that it had completed fundraising for its Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund (MSREF) V International with 4.2 bln usd of equity commitments from investors.

Uk property market online

The property market online seems so saturated these days. There are millions of websites offering more or less the same amount of information with specialists or niche operators winning the battle at the moment.
It is not often though that you come across a website that stands out from the crowd. I am talking about whathouse.co.uk, published by Blendon Communications, a specialist media company dedicated to providing advice on real estate.

Blendon is not new to the world of property with a history of print publications, trade shows and awards so their online offering is well thought out, usable and usefull when buying new homes.

But what makes What House.co.uk so appealing?

A simple search for a house in London leads to a page that features: property for sale, house prices, transport, schools, council tax information, supermarkets nearby, restaurants, pubs and gyms.
This has to be the most comprehensive and complete information for anyone deciding to settle in a residential area.

But buying property is also making a substantial investment and this is where the advice section kicks in. Here you will find a checklist of finance related issues that you have to possibly deal with when you want to buy a house.
From mortgages to insurance and legal to SIPP's there is everything you need to be aware of.

I thoroughly enjoyed the buy to let articles.

All in all What House has managed to produce something original and unique as a proposition to the property market in the UK.

Worth a visit.

09 March 2006

Foreign property investment up in Israel

In the first months of 2006, the monthly average was counted at NIS 115 million.Foreign investments in Israeli real estate are on the rise, according to data published Tuesday by the Ministry of Construction and Housing.
In 2005 there was a 53 percent increase in foreign investment over 2004, and in January 2006, a 12 percent increase was measured over the monthly average in 2005.

Israeli investments abroad have been on the decline since 2003, data shows. The drop is apparently due to finance reforms which raised taxes on foreign assets.
Since 2001, the ministry registers consistent growth in foreign investments in Israeli real estate. In 2001, the average monthly foreign investment stood at NIS 14 million, in 2002 it rose to NIS 16 million, in 2003 NIS 39 million, in 2004 NIS 67 million, and in 2005 it totaled NIS 102 million.

According to Ministry of Construction and Housing Director-General Shmuel Abuav, the consistent fall in interest rates and the improved

security situation in Israel attracted foreigners to invest in the Israeli market, as have the low property prices.

“Real estate prices looked especially low this year for investors from the Euro bloc, who also benefited from the increased value of European currency. The recovering real estate market in Israel will lead to an improvement in shares in the construction sector, which were very low for years and have just recently started to recuperate,” Abuav said.

01 March 2006

Korean Property Investment Freed Up

South Koreans will be able to buy housing units overseas beginning Thursday without being restricted by the value, as long as the purchases are for residential purposes, the Ministry of Finance and Economy (MOFE) said on Wednesday.

They now can purchase luxurious homes and even castles for residential purposes, hold it for a lifetime, and even let their children inherit the property. They had previously been obliged to sell their overseas real estate within three years after returning to Korea.

These are part of ministry's foreign exchange liberalization steps aimed at easing the glut of dollars in the local foreign exchange market. The government wants to increase flows of dollars out of the country to help slow the pace of the won's gains against the dollar.

The government raised the offshore real estate purchase cap to $1 million on Jan. 9 from $500,000 of last July. The ceiling is totally scrapped now.

Still, an individual buying a home worth more than $300,000 is obliged to report the purchase to the National Tax Service (NTS).

``The purchase of overseas real estate increased, but it is not yet sufficient,'' said Kwon Tae-gyun, MOFE director general in charge of the International Finance Bureau. There were 4.3 purchases of such overseas real estate per month on average between July and December 2005, with the figure rising to 13 last January.

``We're also planning to liberalize in stages the purchase of overseas real estate for investment purposes from next year,'' the MOFE official said.

On top of easier purchases of homes in foreign countries, individuals will be able to make as much outbound foreign direct investments as they want and buy any kind of foreign securities. The ministry is planning to set up measures to encourage overseas investment in the service sector and financially support energy project overseas.

Golf property in Spain

Increasingly buyers are looking for sports and entertainment facilities that compliment their holiday property choice. When you are traveling and renting facilities nearby are not so important, but when you are buying they might become a property's unique selling point.
It is no surprise then that both the travel and property industry are diversifying to explore this precious niche.

Quick to jump on this bandwagon are Villa Quest S.L. and doing it quite successfully. They are offering a range of properties including villas, apartments and townhouses near Spain's most reputable golf courses.

Beginners, enthusiasts and even pro's can rest assured that a golf course is always nearby and the properties are good quality and priced reasonably.

Some of the golf course areas include Lorca, Alamo, Murcia, Corvera, Desert Springs, Polaris, Roda, Tercia, Vale del Este and of course Almeria.

More from Villa Quest.