01 March 2006

Golf property in Spain

Increasingly buyers are looking for sports and entertainment facilities that compliment their holiday property choice. When you are traveling and renting facilities nearby are not so important, but when you are buying they might become a property's unique selling point.
It is no surprise then that both the travel and property industry are diversifying to explore this precious niche.

Quick to jump on this bandwagon are Villa Quest S.L. and doing it quite successfully. They are offering a range of properties including villas, apartments and townhouses near Spain's most reputable golf courses.

Beginners, enthusiasts and even pro's can rest assured that a golf course is always nearby and the properties are good quality and priced reasonably.

Some of the golf course areas include Lorca, Alamo, Murcia, Corvera, Desert Springs, Polaris, Roda, Tercia, Vale del Este and of course Almeria.

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