20 August 2006

A safe way to property investment in Spain

Problems arise when you start looking for property in Spain. There are so many companies with different offerings that it becomes almost impossible to settle for the best deal. Another problem is that large organisations offer a plethora of properties but the service you get is often rushed and impersonal.

Van den Hout Enterprises claim to differ by offering personal hands-on real estate services using a large international property network. Sounds ideal but is it possible?

CEO Paul van den Hout has been involved in Spanish and international property multinationals for over 18 years. He therefore recognises that it is crucial for a all round consultant to offer a broad range of services.

Using a unique concept of a 'virtual office' Van Der Hout Enterprises provides a platform of external specialists in all aspects of the property market, including real estate search, sales promotions, mortgages and insurances.

If the large agencies have let you down or you just want a more personal touch in your property investment search give them a try.

Van den Hout Enterprises (English version)

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