30 December 2007

Experts: They think for you before you do

Industrial lift manufacturing is a niche business and a very complicated one. Engineering has evolved to cover the needs of even the most demanding applications.

ShuttleLift is regarded as an example of such company constituted by people with long experience in the industrial lift manufacturing sector. At first sight even a non-experienced eye will notice that there is a significant difference between SL and ISL models regarding the traversing hook. Considering though the rational behind this difference you will notice that SL is carefully designed to provide more load stability. The "stability" feature is really important and perhaps wrongly depreciated by some people in terms of load security. Apart from increased stability, the company has also added another feature to the main body enabling it to improve cycle lifting time and save valuable time.

Product customization is an even more advanced option offered by ShuttleLift for customers who wish to increase lifting capability by adding custom lift accessories.

Undoubtedly, after a thorough look at their site you will see that all the information you need about their product is given in full detail. In-depth illustration of every single feature will impress you to the point of reconsidering your past viewpoint regarding industrial lifts. Give a try; it may exceed your expectations.
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28 December 2007

When it’s about property investment, be proactive!

Property investment is one of the hottest topics in South Africa and people who are interested in investing money in this section feel no shame asking questions regarding the cost and other information about how to own some property. Most people state that owning property is always a profitable investment without considering the financial conditions and the market trends of the country in which they are about to invest in.

The best way to avoid potential ''traps'' in property investment, especially for a country for which your essential knowledge is limited, is to enrol for an estate agent's course and get educated about what's going on in the property industry of this country.

However, there are easier and more simple ways to empower yourself to make right decisions and make a good investment. Here are some useful ones:

Internet Research: Internet offers a great range of advice to people who are interested to step into the property industry. Huge amount of information is available regarding the market trends and financial implications of any country of your interest. For a place like South Africa, your search limit should be specific as not to fall into basic property fundamentals but to certain aspects of this country.

Auctions: If you want to feel the atmosphere of an auction the only way is to attend one as guessing of how might it be is never enough. In an auction the buyer can gain an insight into the auction process and yet, get a good idea for market related prices. Choosing to buy at an auction while having no idea about restrictions and relevant rules would be silly. Listen first, keep your hand down and learn by more experienced people.

Workshops and Seminars: Workshops and seminars are carried out throughout the year by several real estate agencies and property developers regarding South Africa and other countries. Attending one or more if necessary is a good chance to get educated about buying property and make the right choice.

''Search and think before you act'' is a rule that applies everywhere.

10 December 2007

Left without a choice?

So, you bought a new house. Congratulations, now it is time to spend some quality time and money to make it a real home for you and your loved ones!

Making a house a home might though take more time than you expected and probably more money... especially if you do not know where to look, or if you feel that your choices are limited and cannot find what you are looking for.

I was browsing online shops, assessing them by price and variety, to decorate my new bought home in Ibiza. That's when I found Terry's Fabrics, offering everything to decorate your home with, at very good prices and unique designs.

But what I was most amazed to find is a great range of very good quality curtain poles. I needed some special ones, (sun in Ibiza might be quite strong and therefore you certainly need to have have two or three layer curtains which also do not block the natural light), but I also wanted them to look elegant. Went through their website, picked up a couple of fresh ideas from their Interior Design page, and "checked out". That easy!

Of course, there are other similar websites, but Terry’s Fabrics designs certainly did catch my eye. Give it a try.

03 December 2007

The business of home construction in Brisbane

Brisbane is a fascinating city, sitting at the east coast of Australia and in a very attractive location. The vegetation fills every corner and the tropical jungles of Australia are close, as is world known attraction Byron Bay with it's sandy beaches and hippie tradition in the 70s. An area that has seen phenomenal rises in house prices.

Is therefore a worthwhile opportunity for property construction if you think migrating, or developing if you live locally.

Any new home construction Brisbane you need for housing or investment purposes then you can have a look at In-House Construction.
They have 12 years experience in building quality houses and units in Brisbane’s suburbs. The company offers you a simple, flexible way to build your dream home or an investment project. To seal that they will give you a guarantee that work will be carried out on time.

The services offered include flexible approach to building, deep knowledge of the area, interior design and a Neighborhood Management Program (for smooth transitions).

The site also offers a Free Report on "7 costly mistakes people make when choosing a builder", an interesting read if you are in the market.

In-House Construction is aligned with Brisbane property development firm Investment House and has been established since March 2004.

Company site

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10 September 2007

Brazil on the brink of a property boom

Brazil property investment Brazil is a highly sought after destination when it comes to holidays but recent developments have helped the country to attract property investors. Although it is difficult to get bored of a vast country such as Brazil investment in real estate is becoming a real possibility.

New developments in direct flights to top holiday destinations such as Bahia, Rio's world famous carnival festivities and the cheap cost of property are driving buy-to-let investors from Europe and recently the UK.

Improved relations between the South American country and Europe as well as favourable economic conditions such as a great drop in interest rates (down to 12%) are leading to a real estate boom. With the situation continuing to improve foreigners will soon be able to borrow money to invest in Brazilian property.

Rob Hofman are giving now excellent information regarding available properties in Brazil. Apart from the many properties featured the website also contains a useful news section that reinforces the country's image as a valuable destination as well as investment haven.

In addition you can read the free Buyer's Guide as well as contact the consultants directly to get more details about starting to look for a suitable location.

We suggest that you get there before house prices start reflecting the real value and the market saturates.


21 August 2007

Learning how to invest in real estate

Real estate has been a focus area for investment for many years and the industry has gone through maturity and saturation, however property never seizes to be the center of attention.

The increase in house prices combined with the high demand for cheap and quality property development are fuelling the market with buyers and sellers and opportunities are to be had all the time. It is just a matter of having the brains, knowledge and money to get into the market and make large profits.

The problem is that such experience can only be had in the real estate industry and if you are not a professional or an experienced investor there is little you can do.
It should come to no surpise then that the Professional Education Institute has introduced a unique new course, Real Profits™ in Real Estate. The step-by-step online course provides exclusive tools and techniques to help you become successful in real estate investing.

The program is updated in real time, teaching you from how to get started to generating extra monthly income. The good news is that you can access it all for FREE.

According to the site there are 3,035,506 students enrolled to the programme so why not give it a try to see the benefits for yourself. After all it seems that you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain investing in real estate with the help of PEI University.

House prices drop in the UK

A UK house crisis has been expeced for some time but opinion was strongly divided between analysts and estate agents as to the state of the market. So yesterday for the first time in 6 years Bloomberg reported a 0.1% drop in house prices. This is not a jaw-dropping figure, it could however signify an ongoing trend.

Many house owners are expected to sell in a hurry to avoid further losses which can deepen the crisis. Risk analyst Rita Taplatzidou talked to us about the underlying trends for house pricing in the UK:

"The August drop in London house prices has raised a lot of concern about whether or not this fall is an early warning signal that even the buoyant London economy is susceptible to market forces, as it is the first we have seen for quite some time.

The reason why property price movements in London are considered highly significant is because in recent times, downward trends in the markets have had no effect on prices in the capital. This makes sense, as the capital and international status of London means that prices are likely to be more resilient in the longer term, unless the current turmoil in the financial market undermines employment and wealth creating.

In order to get a general feeling of the London housing market, the recent fall of 0.1 per cent has to be seen in the context of a 2 per cent average monthly rise in London house prices over the past 12 months. The average asking price of a home in London increased by 23.4% in the year to August 2007, and currently stands at £394,268, which is nearly double (!) the national rate of increase which stands at 12.8% this month, as it has been reported by Rightmove.

Some analysts claim that this is a tale of the five interest rate rises in the last year finally feeding through to the market. Figures from Nationwide last month suggested that the UK market is finally slowing down, after a “mini-boom” which lasted a year and a half and which saw the revival of double-digit property inflation. Ernst & Young ITEM (Independent Economic Model) Club warns that houses are currently overvalued by around 16%. Interest rates are expected to move up to 6 per cent and then stabilize, which would end the booming property market according to their report.

Finally, a report released on Monday by Fitch Ratings, a credit rating agency, shows that house prices are high relative to rents in the UK. High prices relative to rents make housing less attractive to landlords. BUT, it is important to note that despite its housing overvaluation, UK has a buffer in overall risk rank, because of its high levels of household wealth. “Net wealth is the most comprehensive measure of household long-run solvency,” says the report.

The truth –as always- lies somewhere in the middle. Of course, record prices and high interest rates seem to have stretched the affordability for everyone, but regardless of the “crisis” indicators, such as the recent interest rate rises, mortgage lending remains robust.
On the other hand, as we move into autumn, the cumulative effects of these rate rises are expected to become more pronounced.

The seeds of this financial market crisis were planted with a seizure in the so-called sub-prime mortgage market in the USA. What makes this financial market crisis different to, say, 1998, is the extent to which that was a relatively localized event specific to the derivative and currency markets, when this time, the contagion has spread quickly across all global financial markets and contaminated different sectors.

I bet that you must feel pretty confused by now. Hopping from one argument to a contradictory one leaves us with nothing…and surely the finance world has suffered a lot and is pretty jumpy these days! House prices and stock markets are falling, lending conditions are being revised; all this uncertainty stems from literally not knowing what’s actually happening.

In situations like this, when the financial market crisis can morph into a very deep global economic crisis, we expect that the market will freeze, rather than experience a crash.
So, it is likely to be at least another two months before we start to see what the fall-out from the current turmoil actually is. Note, too, the sub-prime crisis is very likely going to continue for another year despite the cut in base rates by the Fed, which in turn means that the current environment of uncertainty is likely to continue and could take a very long time for confidence to be restored.

And as for the house prices… as we mentioned earlier the “prices are likely to be more resilient in the longer term, unless the current turmoil in the financial market undermines employment and wealth creating”. Thus, our advice is to keep an open eye on City bonuses, a key factor at the top end of the market. They may be well down at the end of this year and in early 2008, but it is too early for them to be having much impact."

02 July 2007

UK bank lends advice to overseas investors

The HSBC bank is advising overseas property investors to be vigilant during their first purchases abroad. Differences in legislation are the main cause for headaches when purchasing a property overseas so it is advisable to get sound legal advice.

The British bank also highlighted a small drop in overall sales for overseas properties, with more people investing in retirement homes in Spain and France. This view has also been confirmed by Barclays Investment and highlights a trend that is set to grow in forthcoming years.

Don't forget that the power of the pound £ over the Euro is making things easier for UK residents but for how long is this likely to be the case noone knows.
In addition as foreign countries develop the price of properties is set to increase. Will Britons be able to buy with such ease in 10 years?

Might be a case of simply wait and see.

29 June 2007

Top 25 blogs about property - Times Online

Property experts Andy Kirk and Lucia Adams have featured The Holiday Property Investment blog in an article about the Top 25 Property blogs on Times Online. The blog came second in the Overseas Property category and 22nd overall.

Needless to say that this blog has been going strong over the last year and it is great to see some recognition from one of the UK's largest newspapers and online publishers.

07 June 2007

Audio and video in property services?

The internet has affected the way we buy or rent houses almost as significantly as it has affected travel bookings. The revolution in house-viewing and the limited time people have to do this has led in the boom of multimedia use online. Despite the availabilty of some products though, traditional estate agents have been slow to adopt some of the new technologies.

Most websites offer pictures (if you are lucky). The pictures usually lack depth and "hide" some of the property's downsides.
AgentCasts are hitting the market with a revolutionary product that brings property agents closer to the benefits of Web 2.0
At the heart of this strategy is content enhancement through audio and video. By enabling both property owners and real estate professionals to better communicate their message to buyers and tenants AgentCasts are looking to increase conversions.

The company offers a complete suite for production, syndication and distribution of podcasts and videocasts. This is an obvious bridge between the seller and the consumer helping to save time and increasing transparency about the product (property).

Unfortunately I was unable to embed one of the videos explaining the process. Perhaps some compatibility issue with Blogger but you can check out the company website for more information.

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30 May 2007

Location, location, relocation

A lot of investors friends tend to use their new properties for a couple of years before they sell on. They do this for two reasons. One is that they like to enjoy the space and sourounding area. Second reason is that they usually refurbish the house before they resell it, to be able to command a higher price. There is also the occasion when someone buys-to-let.
One way or another people are eager to experience the property and the area for at least one holiday season before they move on (excluding the professionals amongst us).

Relocation might be a heavy word but a move is surely on the cards. Moving as you might know is not an easy business. Some times the costs of moving alone can be hugely discouraging to a first time buyer of holiday property. Unless you have enough money tucked away to furnish the place from ground up, you will need the expert services of a moving company. The next obvious problem is therefore shopping around for a good deal and most importantly a reliable source.

Cleverly myMOVINGquote.com has found a market niche by bringing all the information you need together in one website. There is a geographical split for every US State plus a split between local, out of state and international movers.

All of the listed companies offer free quotes so you can compare prices and service levels and make an informed choice.
The only unconventional feauture is that there is no 'Home' button, which makes navigation slightly confusing and some States have no companies listed.

Other features include office moves, auto transport and storage. There are tips on how to choose the best company for your needs and the company is serious about covering every aspect of this so do give them a try.

My Moving Quote
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10 May 2007

Property investment picking up in Australia

Favourable conditions in the Australian property market has caused a return of investors. According to official figures investment lending was on the rise in New South Wales during February.

Stable interest rates help investors to feel more confident in the market. Median rent rates are also up and the combination of low vacancy rates and increasing rents are a no-brainer for property-to-let buyers.

Growth is expected to sustain throughout this year and there is a positive outlook amongst the Australian finance community that recent changes could signal a revival of the market.

02 May 2007

Secrets of property investment in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates have been working day and night to diversify the local economy from purely dependent on oil production and natural gas to something more varied. Two major areas such as travel and property came into play for this reason. In The focus on property development for the leisure market has opened up some fantastic investment opportunities with enormous construction and development work carried out.

LatticeWerks are an overseas property investment firm based in London, UK. They specialise in select areas including Dubai. Although most property investment firms fail to explain the opportunities in an attempt to hide the risks LatticeWerks kindly give out plenty of information, convicing even the most doubtful investors about the opportunities at hand.

Visit their website for a comprehensive analysis of the Dubai property market. Don't forget to ask plenty of questions regarding the property you are interested in and also get a feel of the local legislation sourounding investment in the area.

Of particular interest would be the latest developments in freehold law, tax advantages and the new property law that allows expats to register newly purchased off plan homes.

The LatticeWerks website does what it says on the tin, however we felt that more pictures (currently only available in PDF) would give visitors an improved perspective about the properties on offer.

More on LatticeWerks.

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23 April 2007

Scottsdale luxury property

Finding good properties to live or invest in is no easy business. When it comes to luxury property real estate specialists can help you a great deal. Scottsdale and Paradise Valley Arizona are both very attractive locations for high-end buyers across the world. Scottsdale has long been internationally established as a premiere tourist destination, while it still maintains its unique identity and culture.

Scottsdale Fine Properties service the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley Arizona areas with their own exclusive listings and other properties. Prices start at $225,000 for a 2 bedroom apartment but you are likely to find most properties range from $425,000 and up to $9,880,000.
The website is very easy to use to locate dream properties with plenty of pictures and information to help you make up your own mind.

A fantastic addition is the international home finder search where you can shortlist luxury properties (including private islands) across the globe.

When it comes to service Scottsdale Fine Properties need no special introduction. Winners of Best Real Estate Agency at the 2006 International Property Awards in London and featured in mainstream media as well as the luxury home industry press the company is successfully led by top real estate broker Martinson Lesley who handles all the celebrity clientèle. She focuses on a unique One-on-One personal agent program that ensures privacy and anonymity in their real estate transactions.

So go on and Live the Dream.
Scottsdale Fine Properties
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05 March 2007

A property search engine that works?

When you first look at Extate it is not very different from any other search engine. Clean-cut design and a large search box. You almost instantly realise that there is more to this than meets the eye.

Firstly the video functionality, where house owners and property agents can load videos of the property, giving you a much better feel of what the space feels like.
The second and most important aspect is the natural language search capability. Extate makes it so easy to search for properties by just typing a few search words and the results are impressive, to say the least, most of the times. A simple search for a house in Liverpool reveals a range of relevant properties on the fly. You can then refine your search by sales or lettings and choose different price options, number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc.
Not all searches return results, sometimes when drilling down to a specific sub-location in London for example, however this might be improved once there are more properties in the database. Extate works great

The del.icio.us style of tags in combination with 'locations' and 'features' also help to pinpoint certain features that you want for your house or flat in the area of your choice.
Another great incorporation is Google Maps functionality that gives easy access to the property map for evaluation underneath the listing, saving you from navigating a different page.

In the video addition functionality it seems that there is no 'back button' if you don't have a video to add. I might be wrong but I couldn't find something to get out of this screen.

Finally there is a convenient 'save' function that will enable you to store and compare properties that take your fancy.

Overall this is a fantastic property search engine without the clutter of real estate sites, delivering relevant results fast. It might completely change the way you look for property.

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