07 February 2008

Top retirement places for Britons

According to research carried out due to an upcoming event in Docklands, Cyprus and Panama have been voted best places to retire for UK citizens.

From March 7-9 the Homebuyer & Property Investor Show is being held at ExCel London. The results of its research revealed that these two countries received high marks for affordable property, low taxation, culture and climate. Amongst European countries, Cyprus took the top place followed by France, Spain and Portugal.

Another tax-related advantage for Britons is the double taxation treaty with Britain, which ensures its residents are not paying tax in both countries. On the other hand, other top retirement countries - France, Spain and Portugal- also offer good benefits including lower property costs and healthcare.

Consequently, any UK resident considering a move abroad should ask for expert advice first, as issues relevant to inheritance tax laws and property purchases may be complex.

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