06 March 2009

Tokyo takes the lead

For the first time in the past two years, Tokyo is finally ranked number one as the best real estate investment spot for the upcoming year. A study was done on the big Asian cities around the world, and the survey showed that Tokyo had leap-frogged past Shanghai, which had been number one. So that brings up the big question, what makes Tokyo such a great city to invest in?

One of the reasons is because Tokyo has been labeled as a low risk area. That is why so many property and holiday investment companies remain so interested in Tokyo despite the weakened world economy. This does not mean that Tokyo's economy has not been hit hard (because it has), but it is much stronger than other financial centers around the world. The flights in and out of Tokyo are a lot higher than other Asian cities, meaning that holiday property buying in this area is still a great idea.

To make sure that you get some property that is in a good area of Tokyo, you need to look for a section that has a very strong buy and hold recommendation. Right now, the office property sector is by far the best place to buy property in. Only time will tell if the weakened economy will hit Tokyo any harder, but based one what we have seen so far, Tokyo looks like the best Asian city to invest in! However, it is important to buy now, and hold onto the property. As of now, the prices for property around Tokyo are at very low levels.