30 September 2009

Holiday Property in Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are considered one of the best kept secrets of the British Colonies. Located in the southeast seas of South America, this British territory is a highly protected land because of its special natural habitat. The territory is composed of two large islands and other small islands - all with distinct beauty of flora and fauna as well as wild animals.

The most challenging part in considering a property in Falkland Islands is the transportation. The only available airport is the Mount Pleasant Airport which is also a military base. Travelers can either go through Chile or they can travel directly from the UK but the flight will take nearly 18 hours. There are cruise ships that pass the island and they are ideal for those on vacation.

Even though Falkland Islands are relatively challenging to visit, the trip is really worth it for nature lovers. The wild animals and the beaches are among the best and unique in the world. The islands are also home to an impressive variety of birds and a stop over by many migratory birds. Penguins, seals, dolphins and sometimes whales can be seen from the shore.

Because of the unique beauty the islands have to offer, the opportunity of investment in these islands is great. Simply focus on purchasing a property in Stanley as this island is considered the "town" or capital. Although properties being sold in this island are scarce, there is always someone looking for partners wanting to invest in this beautiful island.


  1. Anonymous9:27 AM

    There are two main Islands, with up to 700 smaller islands scattered around the two larger ones. The capital of the Falklands is on East Falkland and is called Stanley. I know this as i live in Stanley, supposedly the the one large islands....

  2. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Sadly this tells you nothing about what is actually available or costs for rentals etc - seems I have found the only thing on the web that has zero info - Falklands house prices!