23 June 2011

Holiday Homes in Algarve

Algarve is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Portugal. Tucked in the southernmost tip of the country, the region borders Spain in the east with beautiful beaches on the west and the south. Holidays in Algarve
are very popular because of its beautiful, golden sand and amazing view of the ocean.
Tradition and Nature
Historically, Algarve has been the home of the Visigoths as well as the Moors. The background provides strong cultural influence in the region which also made some impact on the region’s structure. The history greatly complements the natural beauty of Algarve, as tourists can easily visit different beaches in the region that featuring a great view of the ocean.
Popular Towns in Algarve
Two of the most popular towns in Algarve are Aljezur and Lagoa. These towns provide a scenic view of the beach without the bustling noise of the region’s capital. Algarve’s capital is Faro which is also another popular tourist destination in Portugal. Tourists who want to enjoy the bustling nightlife as well as the beaches should stay in Faro. Aside from the well known beach towns, tourists can also consider visiting Portimao as well as Monchique. These towns are actually the regions best kept secret and you are unlikely to see another tourist in the area.
Choosing a Holiday Home
The best towns to consider for a holiday home in Algarve region are Faro, Lagoa and Aljezur. The areas are perfect for a short Algarve break and are great places where tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of the region with access to modern amenities. The holiday homes near the beaches are often expensive but tourists can consider the homes that will require some traveling. These homes are inexpensive and still give that homely atmosphere of the region.


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