13 July 2011

Tips for Living in Istanbul

Istanbul is among the top destinations for tourists planning to spend a month or two away from their home. It’s a great city with different types of cultures and attractions waiting to be discovered. The city is haven for anyone looking for something different while enjoying the modern amenities without too much effort.
But Istanbul is a very large city and it could be very challenging for anyone unfamiliar with the city’s situation. This doesn’t mean Istanbul is a dangerous place but everyone will have to be smart in order to enjoy their stay in this widely popular tourist destination.
Choosing the Right Apartment/Hotel
Finding accommodation is very easy in Istanbul. However, you have to make sure that the area is a good place to actually sleep in. Look for a place specifically built for home owners that is quite far away from a crowded area of the city. The last thing you want is to wake up early every day from noise pollution. There are some hostels that provide a homely atmosphere where you can sleep as much as you want.
Transportation in Istanbul
Istanbul is a very large city which means transportation becomes a very big factor of your stay. The best mode of transportation in Istanbul is the bus because it can get you to places fast without spending too much money. Taxis are also a good option but they can be a bit expensive especially for tourists.
Common Sense Safety
Personal safety should be a priority while living in Istanbul. Even though the city is relatively safe, pick pocketing still happens. Simply secure your personal things and avoid shady transactions so that you can enjoy the city without any problem.

Whatever plan you have for a holiday in Istanbul we're sure you'll find something you enjoy.

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