29 September 2011

Top Tips to Keep your Property Warm in Winter

Keeping your property warm during the winter season is a must especially for holiday property owners. Your tenants expect to be warm and cozy in your holiday property and this can be harder and more expensive during the winter season. A properly installed heating system can easily get the place warm and heated but there are other small tricks and tips you can do to your property to make it a better place for winter.

Double Glazing

This is one of the best home improvement tips you can do to keep the heat from getting out. Double glazing is actually a double glass installation for windows, with a gap in between. The double glass keeps the heat in through the use of a space in-between the glass. It’s one of the highly recommended tips to improve heating at home because it’s simple and very effective.

Reduce Gaps in External Doors

Gaps in doors can easily let the heat out increasing the heating costs of your property. Careful planning is a must to reduce gaps in the external doors. If there are already gaps in your doors, use wooden or plastic sealants to prevent anything from getting out.

Loft Insulation

Just like double glazing, loft insulation is a must for every property because it can help prevent the heat from getting out. It’s also double-purpose insulation because it can keep the heat from getting in during the hot summer season. Many consider loft insulation as a very important addition because a lot of heat can go through the roof.

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