25 October 2011

Unusual Holiday Homes for your next holiday

Spending your holiday in a beautiful property with a great landscape and view is always an amazing idea. Comfort and easy access to popular tourist attractions are only some of the advantages tourists can enjoy in their holiday homes. A beautiful holiday home could easily translate to a remarkable and unforgettable holiday.

While the common notion of a holiday home is a beautiful house in the countryside, there are holiday properties that push the envelope when it comes to comfortable setting in amazing natural surroundings. The following are unique and highly popular holiday vacation homes highly recommended for everyone.

Yurt Cottages

A yurt is basically a large modern hut that looks like a tent from the outside. It is a very popular type of holiday property in Devon because it’s very easy to set-up but sturdy against different types of weather conditions. Inside, the yurt comes with practically everything you need for the holiday. This is a highly recommended holiday property for those who wanted to be closer to nature.


There are hundreds of castles in Europe available for rent anytime of the year. But the best places to consider a castle for the holidays is in Scotland. They have the best properties with amazing views as these castles were specifically built for royalty.


Another impressive holiday home to consider for your next vacation is a lighthouse. The best part about a lighthouse is they offer an amazing view of the ocean. A lighthouse in Somerset is a perfect example of a great lighthouse holiday home because it’s serene and it comes with amazing amenities for tourists to enjoy.


  1. Lucy Sullivan9:45 AM

    Holiday properties in the UK can have some negatives, the main one being the weather. But taking a cheap trip with less time spent travelling with the kids is definitely a good thing.

    My husband and I have been looking for something different as we generally go to beach holidays and stay in a local Butlins. The thought of staying in a lighthouse is great, amazing views and you're already on the beach. I'll have to look into booking a trip to Somerset this summer.

  2. Jacob8:28 AM

    The Yurt cottages looks pretty cool. I want to have a experience of staying at such a place. My friend is from Kyrgyzstan in her country in the outside the city near the mountains people stay in the yurts. Sounds amazing. I wish I could get a chance to such an experience.