05 November 2014

Treehouses: The Latest Holiday Rental Trend

People usually associate treehouses with play dens for children.  However, people with land to spare are discovering that they make highly profitable holiday homes.

A recent article by the Telegraph stated that adding a treehouse to your property could raise its value and quoted a couple who had built two treehouses on their land to rent out to holiday makers.  

They said that each treehouse rented out at between £175 and £500 a week, depending on the season, and that “since they were built they haven't been empty for a night.”

This idea is not unique and here are a selection of different treehouses making money for their owners: 

Treetops Treehouse – Devon

This luxury treehouse boasts a king-sized bedroom, a grand bathroom with a copper bath and a large terrace with beautiful views.  Couples can stay here for between £250 and £350 a night.

Fernie Castle Hotel and Treehouse Suite – Fife, Scotland   

In the grounds of Fernie Castle, this treehouse is like something out of a fairytale.  It also has a king-sized bedroom, three balconies (one with a swing) and a towering turret bathroom.  This treehouse is available for families at £445 a night which includes breakfast, dinner and a selection of extra goodies. 

Fair Oak Farm Treehouses – East Sussex

These more down to earth eco-lodges are super modern with wireless broadband & a dishwasher.  Archery and bird handling activities are available on the site and these self-catering residences start at a modest £150 for two nights.

Another idea for making money out of a treehouse is to turn it into a restaurant.  That's what The Alnwick Garden in Northumberland have done and this unique eatery has also trees growing out of the floor.

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