13 February 2006

New property investment TV show in Australia

Property Climbers is a real estate series about ordinary Kiwis trying to climb a rung on the property ladder, hoping to make some money.

The producers have tracked the ups and downs of different individuals over six months, as they practise their secrets of property investment.

What do they reckon they know that ordinary people don't about which house or block of land to buy? How do they spot the investment goldmines from the dogs?

Every step of the way millionaire investor and property consultant, Olly Newland is there with advice and tips for viewers.

"Over the years I've done up heaps and heaps of properties", says Olly. "I've done them quickly and cheaply, and I can tell you this, it's the quickest way to make a lot of money in a hurry."

Who are the property climbers in this series?

There are a few high rolling millionaires taking huge risks with other peoples' money but they're mostly ordinary Kiwis trying to get ahead through property.

Some have read all the Rich Dad Poor Dad books and attended property seminars. All are grappling with the usual investment questions. What size mortgage for how many years? Should they buy a do-up or a maintenance free dwelling? What style- apartment or bungalow?

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