16 March 2006

Uk property market online

The property market online seems so saturated these days. There are millions of websites offering more or less the same amount of information with specialists or niche operators winning the battle at the moment.
It is not often though that you come across a website that stands out from the crowd. I am talking about whathouse.co.uk, published by Blendon Communications, a specialist media company dedicated to providing advice on real estate.

Blendon is not new to the world of property with a history of print publications, trade shows and awards so their online offering is well thought out, usable and usefull when buying new homes.

But what makes What House.co.uk so appealing?

A simple search for a house in London leads to a page that features: property for sale, house prices, transport, schools, council tax information, supermarkets nearby, restaurants, pubs and gyms.
This has to be the most comprehensive and complete information for anyone deciding to settle in a residential area.

But buying property is also making a substantial investment and this is where the advice section kicks in. Here you will find a checklist of finance related issues that you have to possibly deal with when you want to buy a house.
From mortgages to insurance and legal to SIPP's there is everything you need to be aware of.

I thoroughly enjoyed the buy to let articles.

All in all What House has managed to produce something original and unique as a proposition to the property market in the UK.

Worth a visit.

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