05 September 2006

Holiday homes cheaper to buy than let

It can prove cheaper to buy a new property abroad than to spend out on annual holiday accommodation.
By purchasing a property abroad and letting it out for just six months of the year, you can effectively holiday free and earn enough through rental fees to pay for the property outright after just five years depending on the house and location of course.

While a couple may spend an average £1,000 in peak season on accommodation for a week’s summer holiday, they could opt instead to purchase a new holiday apartment in the same area, which they could frequent as often as they desired and secure a profitable income from holiday rentals. Over as little as five years, this could lead to enough in holiday rentals to effectively pay for the property, any overheads and other property related costs.

The internet today has made it increasingly easy to research and purchase property abroad.

Purchasing a new property abroad can be a great investment. It can offer you a guaranteed holiday destination that you can jet off to at a moment’s notice with the security that you will be staying in a property that you are familiar with, as well as offering high returns.

New properties are particularly cost effective due to low to none maintenance costs and can take away some of the uncertainty of buying in a foreign country. Buyers can feel confident that the property they are purchasing will be in good condition and they will be unlikely to be faced with any nasty surprises.

04 September 2006

Bali and Phuket attract property investors

Property investment propertyIf you have been watching the property market in Bali and Phuket for the past six years you would have noticed an economic and morphological synergy for these two leading foreign property investment destinations in Southeast Asia.

The majority of people who buy simply fall in love with the tropical lifestyle, but the market has now grown to include people who are after a good property investment.
The property market in Phuket and Bali has remained strong with prices rising.

The increasing interest for investors is greatly attributed to what is being referred to as a ‘lifestyle investment’.
The concept is simple. You purchase a property with the intention of getting back a return, through rental income, a capital gain by selling at a profit and the added bonus of yourself and friends and family being able to enjoy the property for holidays and long weekends.

03 September 2006

Holiday lettings with a twist

This summer like all new seasons saw the introduction of more holiday lettings than ever. The location, quality and variety do not only make for the perfect holiday, but also offer great investment opportunities for those looking to invest in property abroad.

The Lighthouse in Burnham-on-Sea is the first of its kind in the UK that is available to rent all year round. Built in 1830 the impressive lighthouse sleeps up to 6 and stands 110 feet (33 meters) tall with round shaped rooms covering 8 floors with panoramic views on a clear day of up to 22 miles. After a stay living and sleeping in a lighthouse, waking up in your bedroom at home will never be the same again.

Or maybe you would choose a Watermill in Tuscany, especially one that has been restored to retain many of its original features. The sitting room has the original mill stones, with views of the mill workings from the glass panel on the floor, something you won’t find in your typical B&B. Set within a chestnut covered wood, the Mill sleeps up to two people and offers the romantic holidaymaker an unforgettable place to escape.

There is also a luxurious Houseboat in the heart of Amsterdam that offers privacy and space. Available for rental, this 100-year-old houseboat was rebuilt in 2002 and offers accommodation for up to five people with private sundecks. The houseboat is a stroll away from all the Amsterdam sights and offers facilities including Internet access and a dishwasher in the spacious accommodation.