04 September 2006

Bali and Phuket attract property investors

Property investment propertyIf you have been watching the property market in Bali and Phuket for the past six years you would have noticed an economic and morphological synergy for these two leading foreign property investment destinations in Southeast Asia.

The majority of people who buy simply fall in love with the tropical lifestyle, but the market has now grown to include people who are after a good property investment.
The property market in Phuket and Bali has remained strong with prices rising.

The increasing interest for investors is greatly attributed to what is being referred to as a ‘lifestyle investment’.
The concept is simple. You purchase a property with the intention of getting back a return, through rental income, a capital gain by selling at a profit and the added bonus of yourself and friends and family being able to enjoy the property for holidays and long weekends.

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