30 May 2007

Location, location, relocation

A lot of investors friends tend to use their new properties for a couple of years before they sell on. They do this for two reasons. One is that they like to enjoy the space and sourounding area. Second reason is that they usually refurbish the house before they resell it, to be able to command a higher price. There is also the occasion when someone buys-to-let.
One way or another people are eager to experience the property and the area for at least one holiday season before they move on (excluding the professionals amongst us).

Relocation might be a heavy word but a move is surely on the cards. Moving as you might know is not an easy business. Some times the costs of moving alone can be hugely discouraging to a first time buyer of holiday property. Unless you have enough money tucked away to furnish the place from ground up, you will need the expert services of a moving company. The next obvious problem is therefore shopping around for a good deal and most importantly a reliable source.

Cleverly myMOVINGquote.com has found a market niche by bringing all the information you need together in one website. There is a geographical split for every US State plus a split between local, out of state and international movers.

All of the listed companies offer free quotes so you can compare prices and service levels and make an informed choice.
The only unconventional feauture is that there is no 'Home' button, which makes navigation slightly confusing and some States have no companies listed.

Other features include office moves, auto transport and storage. There are tips on how to choose the best company for your needs and the company is serious about covering every aspect of this so do give them a try.

My Moving Quote
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10 May 2007

Property investment picking up in Australia

Favourable conditions in the Australian property market has caused a return of investors. According to official figures investment lending was on the rise in New South Wales during February.

Stable interest rates help investors to feel more confident in the market. Median rent rates are also up and the combination of low vacancy rates and increasing rents are a no-brainer for property-to-let buyers.

Growth is expected to sustain throughout this year and there is a positive outlook amongst the Australian finance community that recent changes could signal a revival of the market.

02 May 2007

Secrets of property investment in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates have been working day and night to diversify the local economy from purely dependent on oil production and natural gas to something more varied. Two major areas such as travel and property came into play for this reason. In The focus on property development for the leisure market has opened up some fantastic investment opportunities with enormous construction and development work carried out.

LatticeWerks are an overseas property investment firm based in London, UK. They specialise in select areas including Dubai. Although most property investment firms fail to explain the opportunities in an attempt to hide the risks LatticeWerks kindly give out plenty of information, convicing even the most doubtful investors about the opportunities at hand.

Visit their website for a comprehensive analysis of the Dubai property market. Don't forget to ask plenty of questions regarding the property you are interested in and also get a feel of the local legislation sourounding investment in the area.

Of particular interest would be the latest developments in freehold law, tax advantages and the new property law that allows expats to register newly purchased off plan homes.

The LatticeWerks website does what it says on the tin, however we felt that more pictures (currently only available in PDF) would give visitors an improved perspective about the properties on offer.

More on LatticeWerks.

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