29 June 2007

Top 25 blogs about property - Times Online

Property experts Andy Kirk and Lucia Adams have featured The Holiday Property Investment blog in an article about the Top 25 Property blogs on Times Online. The blog came second in the Overseas Property category and 22nd overall.

Needless to say that this blog has been going strong over the last year and it is great to see some recognition from one of the UK's largest newspapers and online publishers.

07 June 2007

Audio and video in property services?

The internet has affected the way we buy or rent houses almost as significantly as it has affected travel bookings. The revolution in house-viewing and the limited time people have to do this has led in the boom of multimedia use online. Despite the availabilty of some products though, traditional estate agents have been slow to adopt some of the new technologies.

Most websites offer pictures (if you are lucky). The pictures usually lack depth and "hide" some of the property's downsides.
AgentCasts are hitting the market with a revolutionary product that brings property agents closer to the benefits of Web 2.0
At the heart of this strategy is content enhancement through audio and video. By enabling both property owners and real estate professionals to better communicate their message to buyers and tenants AgentCasts are looking to increase conversions.

The company offers a complete suite for production, syndication and distribution of podcasts and videocasts. This is an obvious bridge between the seller and the consumer helping to save time and increasing transparency about the product (property).

Unfortunately I was unable to embed one of the videos explaining the process. Perhaps some compatibility issue with Blogger but you can check out the company website for more information.

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