10 September 2007

Brazil on the brink of a property boom

Brazil property investment Brazil is a highly sought after destination when it comes to holidays but recent developments have helped the country to attract property investors. Although it is difficult to get bored of a vast country such as Brazil investment in real estate is becoming a real possibility.

New developments in direct flights to top holiday destinations such as Bahia, Rio's world famous carnival festivities and the cheap cost of property are driving buy-to-let investors from Europe and recently the UK.

Improved relations between the South American country and Europe as well as favourable economic conditions such as a great drop in interest rates (down to 12%) are leading to a real estate boom. With the situation continuing to improve foreigners will soon be able to borrow money to invest in Brazilian property.

Rob Hofman are giving now excellent information regarding available properties in Brazil. Apart from the many properties featured the website also contains a useful news section that reinforces the country's image as a valuable destination as well as investment haven.

In addition you can read the free Buyer's Guide as well as contact the consultants directly to get more details about starting to look for a suitable location.

We suggest that you get there before house prices start reflecting the real value and the market saturates.