03 December 2007

The business of home construction in Brisbane

Brisbane is a fascinating city, sitting at the east coast of Australia and in a very attractive location. The vegetation fills every corner and the tropical jungles of Australia are close, as is world known attraction Byron Bay with it's sandy beaches and hippie tradition in the 70s. An area that has seen phenomenal rises in house prices.

Is therefore a worthwhile opportunity for property construction if you think migrating, or developing if you live locally.

Any new home construction Brisbane you need for housing or investment purposes then you can have a look at In-House Construction.
They have 12 years experience in building quality houses and units in Brisbane’s suburbs. The company offers you a simple, flexible way to build your dream home or an investment project. To seal that they will give you a guarantee that work will be carried out on time.

The services offered include flexible approach to building, deep knowledge of the area, interior design and a Neighborhood Management Program (for smooth transitions).

The site also offers a Free Report on "7 costly mistakes people make when choosing a builder", an interesting read if you are in the market.

In-House Construction is aligned with Brisbane property development firm Investment House and has been established since March 2004.

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  1. Anonymous4:09 PM

    I heard that there are lots of sharks in Australia. Why would anyone want to buy a summer house there?