28 December 2007

When it’s about property investment, be proactive!

Property investment is one of the hottest topics in South Africa and people who are interested in investing money in this section feel no shame asking questions regarding the cost and other information about how to own some property. Most people state that owning property is always a profitable investment without considering the financial conditions and the market trends of the country in which they are about to invest in.

The best way to avoid potential ''traps'' in property investment, especially for a country for which your essential knowledge is limited, is to enrol for an estate agent's course and get educated about what's going on in the property industry of this country.

However, there are easier and more simple ways to empower yourself to make right decisions and make a good investment. Here are some useful ones:

Internet Research: Internet offers a great range of advice to people who are interested to step into the property industry. Huge amount of information is available regarding the market trends and financial implications of any country of your interest. For a place like South Africa, your search limit should be specific as not to fall into basic property fundamentals but to certain aspects of this country.

Auctions: If you want to feel the atmosphere of an auction the only way is to attend one as guessing of how might it be is never enough. In an auction the buyer can gain an insight into the auction process and yet, get a good idea for market related prices. Choosing to buy at an auction while having no idea about restrictions and relevant rules would be silly. Listen first, keep your hand down and learn by more experienced people.

Workshops and Seminars: Workshops and seminars are carried out throughout the year by several real estate agencies and property developers regarding South Africa and other countries. Attending one or more if necessary is a good chance to get educated about buying property and make the right choice.

''Search and think before you act'' is a rule that applies everywhere.

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  1. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Could you perhaps suggest a few sites that provide advice and information about property industry in South Africa?

    How can I make sure that the auction I participate is a genuine one and not a scam?

    Which are the most established real estate agencies or/and property developers offering workshops and seminars in South Africa and worldwide?

    Would be grateful if you could come back with a little bit more information on these three questions.

    Thanks so much