23 December 2008

A great European city to invest in

Are you looking for some great investment properties, but are turned off by overpopulated tourist hot spots in Europe? Well, worry no more, because all you have to do is widen your search a bit. There are tons of great cities in Europe that are up and coming. These are great spots that will pay themselves off as a holiday home when you are not there. One of these cities is called Lisbon.

Lisbon is just about a 2 to 2 ½ hour flight outside of London and it is the capital of Portugal. However, what you may not know is that this capital has undergone an amazing transformation in the past few years. They have had new hotels put in, great shops, and some of the best places to eat in all of Europe. However, another reason why this is a great area to invest in property is for the fact that it is just full of refurbished historical buildings. Thus, it still holds that historical look without looking beaten down and too aged.

The main thing that you are going to love about Lisbon is the fact that it has a great old world charm, but still has everything you could possibly want from the new world. Also, the climate in this area is great. There are beaches that just sit a few minutes away, which makes this a nice vacation spot. You just can not go wrong when you get holiday property in Lisbon.

16 December 2008

Latin possessions in Chile

Latin America is slowly becoming a very attractive place for property investors. The appeal of Latin American countries is always there - the music, the culture, the warm hospitality and he endless tropic climate has attracted millions of tourists and investors alike.

One of those countries that have greatly benefited from this attention is Chile. Although Chile has experienced economic downturns during the 90s, the country was quick to pick-up at the turn of the century. Today, Chile is constantly posting the highest GDP in Latin America.

But even with the vast improvement, Chile remained faithful to their culture and were able to preserve the natural beauty of their country. The remarkable beaches as well as massive forests have always been the destination of choice of tourists. The appeal of Chile is also there because most tourists don't have to deal with human traffic which could easily ruin their vacation.

Because Chile offers the best of both worlds, it's no wonder why investment in this country is increasing. The good news is that Chile is not yet considered as a hot property wherein prices could go up significantly. There is still a chance for investors to find a good property without having to spend hundred thousand dollars more. Taxes are also relaxed since the taxes are usually based on your local income from the said property.

Only time will tell when will Chile become a hot investment area in Latin America. But most investors agree that it won't be long before Chile becomes a significant player in tourism in Latin America.

09 December 2008

Maldives - destination for tourism and investment

Maldives is a very popular vacation destination. The pristine waters and almost unlimited white sand shores could easily get anyone to fall in love with the place. This is why Maldives has also become one of the best places for investment.

But aside from the beauty of Maldives, the country is also one of the best places to invest in terms of relaxed laws and taxes to foreigners. The country allows 100% ownership for foreigners as well as duty exemption when importing raw materials. You can practically enjoy a property there without having to deal with a lot of payments while setting up your property.

Setting up a business on the other hand is highly controlled. Maldives makes sure that its people will get the best out of your business in terms of employment. Expertise of the industry is also a requirement. Before you set up a business, you need to forward your plan to the government before any construction begins. This will be scrutinized and maybe denied if they are not geared towards local employment. Part of the reason why the government places no duty on raw materials is that the materials that you will be using in Maldives have to be imported at least 75%. Use and exploration of raw materials in Maldives is highly controlled.

Last but not the least; Maldives is a very popular tourist destination which means real estate prices in Maldives are very high.

02 December 2008

Montenegro: beauty and opportunity

Located in the southern part of Europe, Montenegro boasts of unique culture, remarkable architecture as well as natural beauty that are rarely seen on earth. Tourists from different parts of Europe are slowly realizing the beauty of Montenegro. The untapped beauty is too hard to resist as you could enjoy the surroundings without much intrusion. The country used to be popular during the 80s but for some political reason, it died down during the 90s. It was only during the 21st century that Montenegro started to bounce back.

Montenegro is still on a rebound for tourism which means the opportunity of investing is still there. What’s even better is that foreigners are allowed to own a property in Montenegro. But the challenge is based on the fact that the country used to be a communist one. You need to have a reliable and a well known real estate agent so that you will not be buying something that cannot be bought. This is especially true in Budva, the country’s most popular tourist destination. Construction is also controlled in Montenegro in the sense that certain designs in Montenegro are not allowed.

Aside from these challenges, you should be able to easily invest in Montenegro. A good property in Montenegro might take time, patience and resources but it will pay out fast.

21 November 2008

Property investment in Guam

Guam is a US territory in Micronesia. It's one of the fastest rising real tourist destination in the world. Because of its proximity to the mainland and Asia, it has attracted the admiration not only by US but also by its neighboring Asian countries. Direct flights from different Asian countries are available almost everyday and transportation from the mainland US is never lacking as well. Next to Hawaii, Guam has become the haven for American tourists who wanted to experience the sun and sand without having to deal with documentation. Nearby countries in Asia are also charmed by the appeal of Guam not only because of its proximity but also because of its culture which has remained closely linked to other Asian countries.

The territory therefore is now one of the best places for a holiday property investment. Real estate in Guam is aggressively improving because of the local improvements which led to more businesses and investments in different resorts, casinos and entertainment centers.

Purchasing a property in Guam is very easy because of their relaxed laws on real estate ownership. However, what should be remembered by any investor is that the property in Guam is expected to increase considerably over the years. Everything else is working for the property owner except time. Those who wish to purchase property in Guam should act fast or else losing the property to the next buyer. Although the options are never lacking for the type of property, the price of the property increases considerably every year.

28 October 2008

Ups and Downs of Real Estate in Spain

There is no better time to invest in real estate in Spain. A few years ago, the property prices in Spain were increasing exponentially. But those days are long gone. The demands for properties have been matched by the supply of available real estate. For that reason, the real estate properties have been declining at least 10% every year since 2003. Naturally, the prices would stay still and even go down. As the real estate industry is always volatile, no one knows will this scenario end. But for now, investing in real estate in Spain could never be better.

But there’s a dark side of investing in Spain. You could have a good deal for a property but the price listed is not always the price you have to pay. Of course there will be taxes and fees that you need to be aware of but what you don’t see is the broker’s fee for the transaction. Traditionally, the broker’s fee in Spain is from 3-5% but that rate is during the boom of the real estate industry in Spain. Today, you’ll just know the exact price you have to pay when you are actually ready to pay for the property.

That is why the oldest trick in the book to be assured of a great price in real estate still holds: research. Get to know more about the property, the real estate laws of the property and in this case, the broker’s fees to be assured of a great price of a piece of estate in Spain.

05 May 2008

Less entrepreneurship, growing economy

Data obtained by the Federal of reserve show that the proportion of Americans that get into entrepreneurship and set up their own business is shrinking. This means that people don't have to start their own company which is a necessity in case they can't find a job.

In other words, the more good jobs are generated in a country, the fewer people decide to go into business for themselves. This is a sign for a healthy and growing economy which is effective enough to offer employment to its citizens.

On the other hand, when companies are growing in size, then they become more efficient. They buy everything they need in large volumes taking advantage of economies of scale. As an example, think of a large store that employees lots departments and can replace many independent entrepreneurs. Therefore, if we can develop high growth companies, the job market will grow too and less people will get forced to start their own business.

America, carry on!

04 March 2008

Berlin: A renter's market

Over the last 12 months Berlin has turned to be one of the most desirable places for property investment. But what is the truth behind investing in this cultural dynamic and economically key city?

One of the most crucial factors for potential buy-to-let investors is the fact that only 12% of Berlin residents own their own property, so the city is pretty much a renter's market.

In Germany, buying property, as opposed to renting, has a trivial social stigma in the meaning that renters are not considered as inferior. Most people avoid buying a property even though they could easily afford it.

Before 1989, the year that Berlin wall came down, Berlin was privileged in terms of subsidies. This status had a high influence on rent and house prices as both East and West Berliners were strongly encouraged to stay in the city tempted by subsidized housing. For the time being, this legacy carried from the past is one of the main reasons that the housing market has not developed as fast as other cities in the country and the rest of Europe.

Overall, both rent and average house prices have still remained relatively affordable in Berlin, while in other cities like Frankfurt and Munich property can be up to 50% more.

Nevertheless, investors should note that German law protects tenants. Landlords can be fined if caught to increase the rent of 20% above the one charged for comparable premises.

26 February 2008

Newfoundland like Wonderland

Newfoundland is a superb opportunity for those who look for a place to escape from the daily routine and chill from the pressures of everyday life. The name of the resort is Humber Valley and it is located in Western Newfoundland of Canada.

This fabulous resort offers a wide range of superbly completed luxury holiday houses located in a wonderful forest setting along the shore of Deer Lake.

Golf lovers will be please to hear that this place is famous for its 4 seasons of activities, including an eighteen-hole championship golf course. There is no better way to get convinced this is one of the most relaxing and welcoming places in the world, than just to visit it.

Humber Valley proved to be a remarkable success story with about 400 properties already sold to buyers from all over the US, Canada (mainland), the UK and Ireland. 182 chalets are completed with a further fifty under construction.

You will also be surprised by how much property your budget can buy compared to other resorts in more established areas of the world.

The prices range between $615,000 CAD to $1,3m CAD depending on the plot and style of chalet constructed. The resort has also released a large number of stunning completed, and spacious apartments ranging in price according to orientation and size.

16 February 2008

Comment on house prices in Britain 2008

British house prices have fallen more than ever before in the three months to January for the last 10 years. This is a clear sign the interest rate cut did little to stabilise the property market.

The monthly house prices balance dropped for the sixth consecutive month, according to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. The analysts' forecasts showed a less severe deterioration.

The weakening demand rather than increased supply have caused the drop. Also more properties are now available to sell then before in agents books. The housing market in Britain seems to set for a slowdown this year after several years of strong growth.

Conditions, of course, might stabilise. To do that however mortgage lenders have to reduce their rates and unemployment should not start rising.
If the recent job loss in the finance industry continues and spread into other sectors there is a good chance for that. However recent job losses did not greatly affect bonuses, so there is small chance that any further drop, if any, will take a lot more to intensify.

Nearing time to buy or to save some more and wait?

07 February 2008

Top retirement places for Britons

According to research carried out due to an upcoming event in Docklands, Cyprus and Panama have been voted best places to retire for UK citizens.

From March 7-9 the Homebuyer & Property Investor Show is being held at ExCel London. The results of its research revealed that these two countries received high marks for affordable property, low taxation, culture and climate. Amongst European countries, Cyprus took the top place followed by France, Spain and Portugal.

Another tax-related advantage for Britons is the double taxation treaty with Britain, which ensures its residents are not paying tax in both countries. On the other hand, other top retirement countries - France, Spain and Portugal- also offer good benefits including lower property costs and healthcare.

Consequently, any UK resident considering a move abroad should ask for expert advice first, as issues relevant to inheritance tax laws and property purchases may be complex.

06 February 2008

Holiday VS Investment in France

The French leaseback scheme has turned to be a popular worthwhile investment for a large group of non-residents investors. People recognized they could have benefit from this kind of investment once it was introduced outside France a few years ago.

However, until recently, people interested in owing a holiday home in France but appoint the professional and financial management to a company, were turned to get disappointed to find out that they were restrictively allowed to have the house for personal usage for about 1 or 2 weeks out of season. Although, this may suit buyers who wanted leaseback primarily as an investment on the other side, people looking for a hassle-free home for just holidays- with all maintenance and management issues taken care of- judged that these properties may not worth taking the risk.

What came to give the ideal solution to this problem was a successful and prolific rental management company located in France which understands the wishes of non-resident buyers and appeared to be the saviour for many people.

In an effort to set the perfect balance for buyers between holiday home and investment, Leisure Invest, a specialist Estate Agency in France that counts many years experience in the leaseback market, has announced the release of a truly unique holiday home/ investment opportunity in one of France's most popular seaside locations named Le Balcons de Cabourg.

The two revolutionary options called ''Leaseback on demand'' and ''Leaseback cash back'' involve a standard number of weeks for which the property is given to Odalys- a large operator that will manage the property- and then if one of the two parts wish to use the property for more or less than the standard time given the can ''buy'' or ''sell back'' as many weeks as they want respectively. Odalys plays a vital role in payments for both parts as it has undertaken the financial management of the property.

Investors and owners are now pleased as both are given a customised solution depending on the time they wish to make use of the property.

31 January 2008

Upheaval in Baghdad's housing market

While prices of properties in London may be dependent on how close the decent school is to your house at some other places in the planet people buy houses in areas where it is less likely to get bombardized for the next few years. Likewise, the Baghdad housing market is facing such situation as some stability starts emerging from the rubble.

In particular, whereas last year house prices dropped onto the floor due to increase of bombings and kidnappings, this year prices at the same areas are out of their reach. What caused though this abrupt rise in prices is the decrease in the capital's violence that make Iraqis return home and looking for a place to live.

People who got back to their neighbourhoods got surprised realizing that the houses which had sold one year ago at bargain prices are now being sold doubled priced. Jassem is one such unfortunate who sold his five bed house for $75,000 in 2005 and coming back now to find the same place priced at $165,000.

29 January 2008

Buy-to-let properties in despair

With the economy taking hold, property auctioneers reported a significant increase in the number of repossessed homes instructed for sale.

In particular, 40% of 410 lots are distressed sales that let down buy-to-let investors and as that they are to demolish.

There is also a noticeable increase in the number of properties asked to sell by banks and building societies that operate as mortgagees. It's a fact, distressed sales are rising.

Property industry had faced a similar situation in the early 90's with the housing crash but the today's crisis is not considered as serious as that one.

To put it into simple words, organizations that act as mortgagees such as mortgage companies and banks can repossess a property in case the owner fails to pay out the mortgage repayments. This may occur due to difficulty the investor faces to find a tenant or yet, because of the financial wearing off of the property's venture.

26 January 2008

Tips to sell your house ASAP

Do you face difficulties in selling your house?
Here are some top tips on how to get rid of it as soon as possible:
  • First check the price of houses on sale in your area and compare it with yours. People always look to get the best value for money for the house they want to buy. Even if they like it, an extremely high price will make them think about it. If you eventually decide to drop the price, wait for a couple of weeks before launching it again at a price of at least 10% lower.
  • If the sale takes place in the summer period, don't be too ambitious regarding the price as during this period property market calms down. Bear also in mind that at the moment the market is a bit sticky so try to push the price down so as to get as many bidders as possible through your door.
  • Select the best agent for the type of property you sell. Also, check on the window the rest of the properties advertised by the same agent so as to ensure you chose the proper agent to sell your house.
  • And the last but not the least is presentation. Messy houses don't look attractive so make sure you have tidied up all of the rooms as well as the front garden . You can also buy new catchy things such as new door handles, bathroom lino and other that are of vital importance for the first impression.

22 January 2008

Special needs for special realtors

Some may think it's an exaggeration to say that most realtors nowadays emphasize on developing relationships with their clients, based on trust and mutual benefit. Well, if you just think of what would you need from your realtor if you were about to buy or sell property you will agree with me. It also helps if you take a look at reviews of customers who left satisfied after a successful cooperation with their realtor.

Amy Broghamer is one of those who embraced this theory and achieved to win people by keeping upmost service quality and mutual trust with her customers. She is the leader of Cincinati Real Estate behind which there is a team consisted of experienced professionals support the business. For either selling or buying property or even relocating and looking for your dream house, she's going beyond meeting expectations by making the transaction simple convenient and aiming at your best benefit.

On the site you can find testimonials in which people express their impressions about how Amy Broghamer found the appropriate solution for every single problem. For most of them you will see that it was really important they received immediate service based on good preparation and aiming at their utmost price benefit.

Taking into account all above and the case-to-case basis this team is working on, they may worth to be given a chance.

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17 January 2008

Invest in tourism..invest in Greece

Despite the fact that Greece is one of the three most popular holidays destinations for Britons it also offers a great range of places for property investment goals. With the internationally identified tourism thriving for a long summer period as well as the cheap accessibility by foreigners Greece comprises a goal for many investors who aim at holiday property investment.

Moreover, the beautiful beaches, the numerous established touristic resorts built around splendid natural scenery and the people flocking in masses every single year make Greece a location with high investment perspectives and profit potential.

Commiting though to Greece for investment property arises additional issues... cost is a considerable problem for those interested in fast investment return as related taxes and transaction costs add up to 20% on the top of purchase price. In addition, high levels of unemployment and an unflexible labor market in conjunction with falling international interests incured in property investment section should make byuer to double think the big committment decision.

Consequently, it's of crucial importance to take into account and factor in all the above issues as well as the fact that we are entering an uncertain period for property market worldwide which means that some investments may have to be held for a longer period than planned so as to give a satisfactory ROI for the investor.

13 January 2008

Carpool becomes tomorrow's trend

Carpool concept has been around in a structured form for more than 30 years. Known as car sharing or ridesharing, people have started to appreciate the several advantages of carpooling and thus its popularity has grown significantly.

RideSearch.com is a company that offers carpool services focused not only on the short term impact of carpool use but on long term's as well such as time and money saving, environmental effect, less congestion and yet, socializing. In particular, the shared use of a car- especially for people who live or work close one another- helps participants to save money by consuming less gas and therefore less money to buy it. In turn, the reduced use of gas leads to less environmental pollution generated. Besides, the less cars go around the less traffic jam for everyone especially after the creation of high-occupacy vehicle lanes for cars with multiple riders.

Consequently, joining RideSearch by as many people near you as possible increases the chances to getting a carpool and take advantage of all the above.

If you still can't imagine yourself carpooling either your own or other cars every day, there is always the option of Free Lifetime Membership. The only thing you need to do is just to rush!