31 January 2008

Upheaval in Baghdad's housing market

While prices of properties in London may be dependent on how close the decent school is to your house at some other places in the planet people buy houses in areas where it is less likely to get bombardized for the next few years. Likewise, the Baghdad housing market is facing such situation as some stability starts emerging from the rubble.

In particular, whereas last year house prices dropped onto the floor due to increase of bombings and kidnappings, this year prices at the same areas are out of their reach. What caused though this abrupt rise in prices is the decrease in the capital's violence that make Iraqis return home and looking for a place to live.

People who got back to their neighbourhoods got surprised realizing that the houses which had sold one year ago at bargain prices are now being sold doubled priced. Jassem is one such unfortunate who sold his five bed house for $75,000 in 2005 and coming back now to find the same place priced at $165,000.

29 January 2008

Buy-to-let properties in despair

With the economy taking hold, property auctioneers reported a significant increase in the number of repossessed homes instructed for sale.

In particular, 40% of 410 lots are distressed sales that let down buy-to-let investors and as that they are to demolish.

There is also a noticeable increase in the number of properties asked to sell by banks and building societies that operate as mortgagees. It's a fact, distressed sales are rising.

Property industry had faced a similar situation in the early 90's with the housing crash but the today's crisis is not considered as serious as that one.

To put it into simple words, organizations that act as mortgagees such as mortgage companies and banks can repossess a property in case the owner fails to pay out the mortgage repayments. This may occur due to difficulty the investor faces to find a tenant or yet, because of the financial wearing off of the property's venture.

26 January 2008

Tips to sell your house ASAP

Do you face difficulties in selling your house?
Here are some top tips on how to get rid of it as soon as possible:
  • First check the price of houses on sale in your area and compare it with yours. People always look to get the best value for money for the house they want to buy. Even if they like it, an extremely high price will make them think about it. If you eventually decide to drop the price, wait for a couple of weeks before launching it again at a price of at least 10% lower.
  • If the sale takes place in the summer period, don't be too ambitious regarding the price as during this period property market calms down. Bear also in mind that at the moment the market is a bit sticky so try to push the price down so as to get as many bidders as possible through your door.
  • Select the best agent for the type of property you sell. Also, check on the window the rest of the properties advertised by the same agent so as to ensure you chose the proper agent to sell your house.
  • And the last but not the least is presentation. Messy houses don't look attractive so make sure you have tidied up all of the rooms as well as the front garden . You can also buy new catchy things such as new door handles, bathroom lino and other that are of vital importance for the first impression.

22 January 2008

Special needs for special realtors

Some may think it's an exaggeration to say that most realtors nowadays emphasize on developing relationships with their clients, based on trust and mutual benefit. Well, if you just think of what would you need from your realtor if you were about to buy or sell property you will agree with me. It also helps if you take a look at reviews of customers who left satisfied after a successful cooperation with their realtor.

Amy Broghamer is one of those who embraced this theory and achieved to win people by keeping upmost service quality and mutual trust with her customers. She is the leader of Cincinati Real Estate behind which there is a team consisted of experienced professionals support the business. For either selling or buying property or even relocating and looking for your dream house, she's going beyond meeting expectations by making the transaction simple convenient and aiming at your best benefit.

On the site you can find testimonials in which people express their impressions about how Amy Broghamer found the appropriate solution for every single problem. For most of them you will see that it was really important they received immediate service based on good preparation and aiming at their utmost price benefit.

Taking into account all above and the case-to-case basis this team is working on, they may worth to be given a chance.

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17 January 2008

Invest in tourism..invest in Greece

Despite the fact that Greece is one of the three most popular holidays destinations for Britons it also offers a great range of places for property investment goals. With the internationally identified tourism thriving for a long summer period as well as the cheap accessibility by foreigners Greece comprises a goal for many investors who aim at holiday property investment.

Moreover, the beautiful beaches, the numerous established touristic resorts built around splendid natural scenery and the people flocking in masses every single year make Greece a location with high investment perspectives and profit potential.

Commiting though to Greece for investment property arises additional issues... cost is a considerable problem for those interested in fast investment return as related taxes and transaction costs add up to 20% on the top of purchase price. In addition, high levels of unemployment and an unflexible labor market in conjunction with falling international interests incured in property investment section should make byuer to double think the big committment decision.

Consequently, it's of crucial importance to take into account and factor in all the above issues as well as the fact that we are entering an uncertain period for property market worldwide which means that some investments may have to be held for a longer period than planned so as to give a satisfactory ROI for the investor.

13 January 2008

Carpool becomes tomorrow's trend

Carpool concept has been around in a structured form for more than 30 years. Known as car sharing or ridesharing, people have started to appreciate the several advantages of carpooling and thus its popularity has grown significantly.

RideSearch.com is a company that offers carpool services focused not only on the short term impact of carpool use but on long term's as well such as time and money saving, environmental effect, less congestion and yet, socializing. In particular, the shared use of a car- especially for people who live or work close one another- helps participants to save money by consuming less gas and therefore less money to buy it. In turn, the reduced use of gas leads to less environmental pollution generated. Besides, the less cars go around the less traffic jam for everyone especially after the creation of high-occupacy vehicle lanes for cars with multiple riders.

Consequently, joining RideSearch by as many people near you as possible increases the chances to getting a carpool and take advantage of all the above.

If you still can't imagine yourself carpooling either your own or other cars every day, there is always the option of Free Lifetime Membership. The only thing you need to do is just to rush!