13 January 2008

Carpool becomes tomorrow's trend

Carpool concept has been around in a structured form for more than 30 years. Known as car sharing or ridesharing, people have started to appreciate the several advantages of carpooling and thus its popularity has grown significantly.

RideSearch.com is a company that offers carpool services focused not only on the short term impact of carpool use but on long term's as well such as time and money saving, environmental effect, less congestion and yet, socializing. In particular, the shared use of a car- especially for people who live or work close one another- helps participants to save money by consuming less gas and therefore less money to buy it. In turn, the reduced use of gas leads to less environmental pollution generated. Besides, the less cars go around the less traffic jam for everyone especially after the creation of high-occupacy vehicle lanes for cars with multiple riders.

Consequently, joining RideSearch by as many people near you as possible increases the chances to getting a carpool and take advantage of all the above.

If you still can't imagine yourself carpooling either your own or other cars every day, there is always the option of Free Lifetime Membership. The only thing you need to do is just to rush!


1 comment:

  1. Oh most certainly, you have hit upon the right topic here. Car pools have been around since the past 30 years and it is as and probably more relevant than it ever has been. Car sharing is a must as oil prices have gone through the roof and home budgets have spiraled up enormously.