26 January 2008

Tips to sell your house ASAP

Do you face difficulties in selling your house?
Here are some top tips on how to get rid of it as soon as possible:
  • First check the price of houses on sale in your area and compare it with yours. People always look to get the best value for money for the house they want to buy. Even if they like it, an extremely high price will make them think about it. If you eventually decide to drop the price, wait for a couple of weeks before launching it again at a price of at least 10% lower.
  • If the sale takes place in the summer period, don't be too ambitious regarding the price as during this period property market calms down. Bear also in mind that at the moment the market is a bit sticky so try to push the price down so as to get as many bidders as possible through your door.
  • Select the best agent for the type of property you sell. Also, check on the window the rest of the properties advertised by the same agent so as to ensure you chose the proper agent to sell your house.
  • And the last but not the least is presentation. Messy houses don't look attractive so make sure you have tidied up all of the rooms as well as the front garden . You can also buy new catchy things such as new door handles, bathroom lino and other that are of vital importance for the first impression.


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