26 February 2008

Newfoundland like Wonderland

Newfoundland is a superb opportunity for those who look for a place to escape from the daily routine and chill from the pressures of everyday life. The name of the resort is Humber Valley and it is located in Western Newfoundland of Canada.

This fabulous resort offers a wide range of superbly completed luxury holiday houses located in a wonderful forest setting along the shore of Deer Lake.

Golf lovers will be please to hear that this place is famous for its 4 seasons of activities, including an eighteen-hole championship golf course. There is no better way to get convinced this is one of the most relaxing and welcoming places in the world, than just to visit it.

Humber Valley proved to be a remarkable success story with about 400 properties already sold to buyers from all over the US, Canada (mainland), the UK and Ireland. 182 chalets are completed with a further fifty under construction.

You will also be surprised by how much property your budget can buy compared to other resorts in more established areas of the world.

The prices range between $615,000 CAD to $1,3m CAD depending on the plot and style of chalet constructed. The resort has also released a large number of stunning completed, and spacious apartments ranging in price according to orientation and size.

16 February 2008

Comment on house prices in Britain 2008

British house prices have fallen more than ever before in the three months to January for the last 10 years. This is a clear sign the interest rate cut did little to stabilise the property market.

The monthly house prices balance dropped for the sixth consecutive month, according to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. The analysts' forecasts showed a less severe deterioration.

The weakening demand rather than increased supply have caused the drop. Also more properties are now available to sell then before in agents books. The housing market in Britain seems to set for a slowdown this year after several years of strong growth.

Conditions, of course, might stabilise. To do that however mortgage lenders have to reduce their rates and unemployment should not start rising.
If the recent job loss in the finance industry continues and spread into other sectors there is a good chance for that. However recent job losses did not greatly affect bonuses, so there is small chance that any further drop, if any, will take a lot more to intensify.

Nearing time to buy or to save some more and wait?

07 February 2008

Top retirement places for Britons

According to research carried out due to an upcoming event in Docklands, Cyprus and Panama have been voted best places to retire for UK citizens.

From March 7-9 the Homebuyer & Property Investor Show is being held at ExCel London. The results of its research revealed that these two countries received high marks for affordable property, low taxation, culture and climate. Amongst European countries, Cyprus took the top place followed by France, Spain and Portugal.

Another tax-related advantage for Britons is the double taxation treaty with Britain, which ensures its residents are not paying tax in both countries. On the other hand, other top retirement countries - France, Spain and Portugal- also offer good benefits including lower property costs and healthcare.

Consequently, any UK resident considering a move abroad should ask for expert advice first, as issues relevant to inheritance tax laws and property purchases may be complex.

06 February 2008

Holiday VS Investment in France

The French leaseback scheme has turned to be a popular worthwhile investment for a large group of non-residents investors. People recognized they could have benefit from this kind of investment once it was introduced outside France a few years ago.

However, until recently, people interested in owing a holiday home in France but appoint the professional and financial management to a company, were turned to get disappointed to find out that they were restrictively allowed to have the house for personal usage for about 1 or 2 weeks out of season. Although, this may suit buyers who wanted leaseback primarily as an investment on the other side, people looking for a hassle-free home for just holidays- with all maintenance and management issues taken care of- judged that these properties may not worth taking the risk.

What came to give the ideal solution to this problem was a successful and prolific rental management company located in France which understands the wishes of non-resident buyers and appeared to be the saviour for many people.

In an effort to set the perfect balance for buyers between holiday home and investment, Leisure Invest, a specialist Estate Agency in France that counts many years experience in the leaseback market, has announced the release of a truly unique holiday home/ investment opportunity in one of France's most popular seaside locations named Le Balcons de Cabourg.

The two revolutionary options called ''Leaseback on demand'' and ''Leaseback cash back'' involve a standard number of weeks for which the property is given to Odalys- a large operator that will manage the property- and then if one of the two parts wish to use the property for more or less than the standard time given the can ''buy'' or ''sell back'' as many weeks as they want respectively. Odalys plays a vital role in payments for both parts as it has undertaken the financial management of the property.

Investors and owners are now pleased as both are given a customised solution depending on the time they wish to make use of the property.