06 February 2008

Holiday VS Investment in France

The French leaseback scheme has turned to be a popular worthwhile investment for a large group of non-residents investors. People recognized they could have benefit from this kind of investment once it was introduced outside France a few years ago.

However, until recently, people interested in owing a holiday home in France but appoint the professional and financial management to a company, were turned to get disappointed to find out that they were restrictively allowed to have the house for personal usage for about 1 or 2 weeks out of season. Although, this may suit buyers who wanted leaseback primarily as an investment on the other side, people looking for a hassle-free home for just holidays- with all maintenance and management issues taken care of- judged that these properties may not worth taking the risk.

What came to give the ideal solution to this problem was a successful and prolific rental management company located in France which understands the wishes of non-resident buyers and appeared to be the saviour for many people.

In an effort to set the perfect balance for buyers between holiday home and investment, Leisure Invest, a specialist Estate Agency in France that counts many years experience in the leaseback market, has announced the release of a truly unique holiday home/ investment opportunity in one of France's most popular seaside locations named Le Balcons de Cabourg.

The two revolutionary options called ''Leaseback on demand'' and ''Leaseback cash back'' involve a standard number of weeks for which the property is given to Odalys- a large operator that will manage the property- and then if one of the two parts wish to use the property for more or less than the standard time given the can ''buy'' or ''sell back'' as many weeks as they want respectively. Odalys plays a vital role in payments for both parts as it has undertaken the financial management of the property.

Investors and owners are now pleased as both are given a customised solution depending on the time they wish to make use of the property.

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