26 February 2008

Newfoundland like Wonderland

Newfoundland is a superb opportunity for those who look for a place to escape from the daily routine and chill from the pressures of everyday life. The name of the resort is Humber Valley and it is located in Western Newfoundland of Canada.

This fabulous resort offers a wide range of superbly completed luxury holiday houses located in a wonderful forest setting along the shore of Deer Lake.

Golf lovers will be please to hear that this place is famous for its 4 seasons of activities, including an eighteen-hole championship golf course. There is no better way to get convinced this is one of the most relaxing and welcoming places in the world, than just to visit it.

Humber Valley proved to be a remarkable success story with about 400 properties already sold to buyers from all over the US, Canada (mainland), the UK and Ireland. 182 chalets are completed with a further fifty under construction.

You will also be surprised by how much property your budget can buy compared to other resorts in more established areas of the world.

The prices range between $615,000 CAD to $1,3m CAD depending on the plot and style of chalet constructed. The resort has also released a large number of stunning completed, and spacious apartments ranging in price according to orientation and size.


  1. Thanks for introduction to Newfoundland. It's very nice place. Morocco is also becoming very famous and nice palce for such activities.

  2. Visitors to Canada should be aware that travel insurance is recommended. The "free" healthcare system here does not cover non-residents. A trip to a hospital emergency room can cost several hundred dollars, even up to a thousand.

  3. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Thanks a lot for the additional information...This is really important for those who are interested in buying a property and spend there a respectable time of their life.