23 December 2008

A great European city to invest in

Are you looking for some great investment properties, but are turned off by overpopulated tourist hot spots in Europe? Well, worry no more, because all you have to do is widen your search a bit. There are tons of great cities in Europe that are up and coming. These are great spots that will pay themselves off as a holiday home when you are not there. One of these cities is called Lisbon.

Lisbon is just about a 2 to 2 ½ hour flight outside of London and it is the capital of Portugal. However, what you may not know is that this capital has undergone an amazing transformation in the past few years. They have had new hotels put in, great shops, and some of the best places to eat in all of Europe. However, another reason why this is a great area to invest in property is for the fact that it is just full of refurbished historical buildings. Thus, it still holds that historical look without looking beaten down and too aged.

The main thing that you are going to love about Lisbon is the fact that it has a great old world charm, but still has everything you could possibly want from the new world. Also, the climate in this area is great. There are beaches that just sit a few minutes away, which makes this a nice vacation spot. You just can not go wrong when you get holiday property in Lisbon.

16 December 2008

Latin possessions in Chile

Latin America is slowly becoming a very attractive place for property investors. The appeal of Latin American countries is always there - the music, the culture, the warm hospitality and he endless tropic climate has attracted millions of tourists and investors alike.

One of those countries that have greatly benefited from this attention is Chile. Although Chile has experienced economic downturns during the 90s, the country was quick to pick-up at the turn of the century. Today, Chile is constantly posting the highest GDP in Latin America.

But even with the vast improvement, Chile remained faithful to their culture and were able to preserve the natural beauty of their country. The remarkable beaches as well as massive forests have always been the destination of choice of tourists. The appeal of Chile is also there because most tourists don't have to deal with human traffic which could easily ruin their vacation.

Because Chile offers the best of both worlds, it's no wonder why investment in this country is increasing. The good news is that Chile is not yet considered as a hot property wherein prices could go up significantly. There is still a chance for investors to find a good property without having to spend hundred thousand dollars more. Taxes are also relaxed since the taxes are usually based on your local income from the said property.

Only time will tell when will Chile become a hot investment area in Latin America. But most investors agree that it won't be long before Chile becomes a significant player in tourism in Latin America.

09 December 2008

Maldives - destination for tourism and investment

Maldives is a very popular vacation destination. The pristine waters and almost unlimited white sand shores could easily get anyone to fall in love with the place. This is why Maldives has also become one of the best places for investment.

But aside from the beauty of Maldives, the country is also one of the best places to invest in terms of relaxed laws and taxes to foreigners. The country allows 100% ownership for foreigners as well as duty exemption when importing raw materials. You can practically enjoy a property there without having to deal with a lot of payments while setting up your property.

Setting up a business on the other hand is highly controlled. Maldives makes sure that its people will get the best out of your business in terms of employment. Expertise of the industry is also a requirement. Before you set up a business, you need to forward your plan to the government before any construction begins. This will be scrutinized and maybe denied if they are not geared towards local employment. Part of the reason why the government places no duty on raw materials is that the materials that you will be using in Maldives have to be imported at least 75%. Use and exploration of raw materials in Maldives is highly controlled.

Last but not the least; Maldives is a very popular tourist destination which means real estate prices in Maldives are very high.

02 December 2008

Montenegro: beauty and opportunity

Located in the southern part of Europe, Montenegro boasts of unique culture, remarkable architecture as well as natural beauty that are rarely seen on earth. Tourists from different parts of Europe are slowly realizing the beauty of Montenegro. The untapped beauty is too hard to resist as you could enjoy the surroundings without much intrusion. The country used to be popular during the 80s but for some political reason, it died down during the 90s. It was only during the 21st century that Montenegro started to bounce back.

Montenegro is still on a rebound for tourism which means the opportunity of investing is still there. What’s even better is that foreigners are allowed to own a property in Montenegro. But the challenge is based on the fact that the country used to be a communist one. You need to have a reliable and a well known real estate agent so that you will not be buying something that cannot be bought. This is especially true in Budva, the country’s most popular tourist destination. Construction is also controlled in Montenegro in the sense that certain designs in Montenegro are not allowed.

Aside from these challenges, you should be able to easily invest in Montenegro. A good property in Montenegro might take time, patience and resources but it will pay out fast.