09 December 2008

Maldives - destination for tourism and investment

Maldives is a very popular vacation destination. The pristine waters and almost unlimited white sand shores could easily get anyone to fall in love with the place. This is why Maldives has also become one of the best places for investment.

But aside from the beauty of Maldives, the country is also one of the best places to invest in terms of relaxed laws and taxes to foreigners. The country allows 100% ownership for foreigners as well as duty exemption when importing raw materials. You can practically enjoy a property there without having to deal with a lot of payments while setting up your property.

Setting up a business on the other hand is highly controlled. Maldives makes sure that its people will get the best out of your business in terms of employment. Expertise of the industry is also a requirement. Before you set up a business, you need to forward your plan to the government before any construction begins. This will be scrutinized and maybe denied if they are not geared towards local employment. Part of the reason why the government places no duty on raw materials is that the materials that you will be using in Maldives have to be imported at least 75%. Use and exploration of raw materials in Maldives is highly controlled.

Last but not the least; Maldives is a very popular tourist destination which means real estate prices in Maldives are very high.

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  1. This was a nice article about maldives. I think of it as an investment destination too.