02 December 2008

Montenegro: beauty and opportunity

Located in the southern part of Europe, Montenegro boasts of unique culture, remarkable architecture as well as natural beauty that are rarely seen on earth. Tourists from different parts of Europe are slowly realizing the beauty of Montenegro. The untapped beauty is too hard to resist as you could enjoy the surroundings without much intrusion. The country used to be popular during the 80s but for some political reason, it died down during the 90s. It was only during the 21st century that Montenegro started to bounce back.

Montenegro is still on a rebound for tourism which means the opportunity of investing is still there. What’s even better is that foreigners are allowed to own a property in Montenegro. But the challenge is based on the fact that the country used to be a communist one. You need to have a reliable and a well known real estate agent so that you will not be buying something that cannot be bought. This is especially true in Budva, the country’s most popular tourist destination. Construction is also controlled in Montenegro in the sense that certain designs in Montenegro are not allowed.

Aside from these challenges, you should be able to easily invest in Montenegro. A good property in Montenegro might take time, patience and resources but it will pay out fast.

1 comment:

  1. Indeed, Montenegro is a great place to invest.
    It has a wonderful weather (2 to 3 hundred days of sunshine per year) beautiful natures and all you need to enjoy a great life style.
    Many luxury projects are on their way, such as Porto Montenegro, the largest mega-yacht marina in Europe which is being built by Peter Munk in Tivat.
    So after Kotor and Budva (where many Irish and Russian have already invested making prices rise up fast) it could be the right time to invest in Tivat.