21 December 2009

Exotic property in Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh is always the favourite city of many tourists. Aside from being the capital of Vietnam, the city's role in the history of the country is undeniable. Tourists can easily walk to various locations with historical significance to learn more about its ancient history and the Vietnam War.

But aside from history, the country is also popular because of its rich culture. The religious sites such as the Quan Am Pagoda and the Phung Son Tu Pagoda are found in the city. Chinese temples also abound in Ho Chi Minh and the Notre Dame Cathedral stands tall in the middle of the city.

For tourists who are looking for nature-related activities, the historic Saigon River should never be missed. The river is actually one of the "secrets" of Ho Chi Minh because people can actually swim in this beautiful river. There are also a variety of water parks in the city and most notably is the Dam Sen Water Park. Tourists who wanted to stay in the city for investment purposes can seek to lease an area in the city. Although purchasing a property is not allowed, tourists should be able to enter a "long term lease" plan. Foreigners should be able to rent the area for 50 years. This will give them enough time to develop the area and establish business.
Ho Chi Minh is a very exotic city that will surely entertain anyone who visits the city for the first time. Its history, culture and natural beauty will definitely draw more tourists in the future.

17 December 2009

Reasons to invest in Wellington

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. Aside from being the country’s political center, the city is also the country's center for arts and culture. A highly developed city, Wellington is often visited by tourists because of its remarkable natural surroundings.
The current landmass of the city has significantly expanded since mid 1800s because of reclamation. Signs have been put up near the coast of the city to signify the start of the reclamation area. Reclamation started in Wellington after the 1855 earthquake.

The natural beauty of the city is based on its beaches and mountains. The Wellington Harbor is home of various parks and small beaches. The southern end of the city boasts of sporadic, small beaches that provides a bit of privacy because of its size. The western end of the city features hills with impressive views of the city and the beach.

As the capital of New Zealand, finding Wellington and going around the city is very easy. The Wellington International Airport is just 5 kilometers. Tourists can go around the city through bus, train or even by foot. The waterfront is a long stretch but can be a relaxing and learning experience for tourists.

Surprisingly, real estate in Wellington is not very aggressive. Experts agree that real estate prices are not expensive compared to other major cities around the world. However, investors are encouraged to grab a property as soon as possible before the price hits the lowest point. Tourists should be able to find rent-to-own properties in Wellington or simply lease to know more about the property before entering into actual business transaction.

27 November 2009

Holiday property in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a popular territory of the United States of America. Located east of the Dominican Republic, the country boasts of remarkable beaches as it rivals some of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. As part of United States, access to Puerto Rico is very easy.

Just like most islands in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico boasts of extensive shoreline that can easily cater to millions of tourists. The main island of Puerto Rico is undoubtedly the most popular as it is home to the territory's capital (San Juan) and some of its impressive beaches. Small cities such as Luquillo and Dorado are also increasing in popularity because of the attractions aside from their beaches.

Aside from being an important tourist destination, Puerto Rico is also vital to the economy of North America. The island is located in a shipping route. This means the island is not just an ideal location for a vacation; Puerto Rico also offers opportunity for businesses to expand aggressively.
Clearly, the investment value of Puerto Rico is very high. But that doesn't mean a piece of land in this area is impossible. Fortunately, there are still areas in Puerto Rico that can be purchased at reasonable prices. Although these areas are relatively far from the shores, they still provide investment opportunity for other business purposes.

A real estate property in Puerto Rico is not just any tourist destination, it's also an opportunity. The shores and beautiful places within the island had been more than enough for millions of tourists to flock to this remarkable desitnation every year.

29 October 2009

Punta Cana - a perfect choice

Punta Cana is one of the most popular cities in the Dominican Republic. Located in the Caribbean, the city can be reached by plane from Miami or through boat from Puerto Rico. Punta Cana is located in the eastern portion of the country which makes it relatively far from the capital but still highly accessible.
The main attraction of Punta Cana is the beach. With more than 100 kilometers of white sand shores, it's almost impossible to visit every area in Punta Cana. There is also slow but steady improvement in Punta Cana to cater to the increasing interest in the area.
Because of the size of Punta Cana, purchasing a property with a shore is relatively easy. Although tourists have to expect to spend in an ocean front property, the investment value is very high. Many tourists who purchase a private resort in Punta Cana were able to develop their place into a world-class property. Best of all, foreigners are allowed to purchase a property in the Dominican Republic with full ownership rights. The process is also a lot easier because a verbal agreement between the owner and would-be buyer can immediately start the transaction.
But just like many property transactions, it's highly recommended to have a lawyer that will oversee the transaction. This is a lot easier for many foreigners since they have direct involvement in the transaction when purchasing properties in Punta Cana. The slow development of the area assures a smart investment for property buyers in the Dominican Republic.

22 October 2009

Enjoying a Piece of Property in Negril

Ask anyone who has been to Negril, Jamaica and they will tell you countless stories about the luscious beach that stretches for miles. Negril is one of the few Jamaican towns that did not experience too much commercialization. Most of the businesses are local but the experience is still world class.

The number one attraction in Negril is its beach. To be exact, Negril boasts a seven-mile long white sand beach. The water is very clear and will entice you to dip for a long swim at any time of the day. If you're there as a tourist, you'll be surprised how close you are to the water. Many hotels are not just at the beach front but practically in the shore. When you get out of your hotel at the front, your feet might touch the water immediately. It's an exhilarating experience that can only be found in Negril.

Aside from enjoying the waters, tourists can also enjoy the beach which links to other destinations in Negril. Truly authentic Jamaican restaurants as well as gift shops at the end of the beach cannot be missed.

With that said, a property in Negril is undoubtedly a very good investment. While there are limited vacancies in the beach front, there are other areas near the shore that you can consider. The tricky part of the purchasing a property in Negril is actually the broker. Be sure to work with a reputable firm in order to purchase your desired property in order to avoid any legal problems.

15 October 2009

Çıralı: A Beautiful Turkish Secret

Çıralı is a small and beautiful Turkish village. Located in the southwest area of the country, the village boasts of glorious surroundings incorporated in a traditional setting. The village is no more than an hour drive from Antalaya - a city also known for its remarkable setting to the sea.
Aside from the natural beauty of Çıralı, the village is also close to two well known settings of Greek mythology. Chimaera and Olympos are very close to the village. The ruins in Olympos will provide more than a basic education on Greek Mythology to visitors. The gas vents in Chimaera will also give visitors the idea why the name of the beast was attributed to this place.
The beauty of the village and its proximity to interesting places are all within the backdrop of 3.5 kilometers of beach. The beach is secluded which means privacy can always be found in this area. Hotel chains are non-existent as most of the accommodations are family owned hotels. You own a property here not just because of the beach, but because of the privacy, as well as access to great places in the country.
Purchasing a property in Turkey and specifically Çıralı, is relatively easy for visitors. Foreigners just have to make sure that the properties they are trying to purchase are within the zone allowed by the government. You can freely use the property for personal use or see it as an investment as this small village in Turkey provides a unique blend of tradition, culture and natural beauty.

30 September 2009

Holiday Property in Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are considered one of the best kept secrets of the British Colonies. Located in the southeast seas of South America, this British territory is a highly protected land because of its special natural habitat. The territory is composed of two large islands and other small islands - all with distinct beauty of flora and fauna as well as wild animals.

The most challenging part in considering a property in Falkland Islands is the transportation. The only available airport is the Mount Pleasant Airport which is also a military base. Travelers can either go through Chile or they can travel directly from the UK but the flight will take nearly 18 hours. There are cruise ships that pass the island and they are ideal for those on vacation.

Even though Falkland Islands are relatively challenging to visit, the trip is really worth it for nature lovers. The wild animals and the beaches are among the best and unique in the world. The islands are also home to an impressive variety of birds and a stop over by many migratory birds. Penguins, seals, dolphins and sometimes whales can be seen from the shore.

Because of the unique beauty the islands have to offer, the opportunity of investment in these islands is great. Simply focus on purchasing a property in Stanley as this island is considered the "town" or capital. Although properties being sold in this island are scarce, there is always someone looking for partners wanting to invest in this beautiful island.

21 September 2009

Property in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a country located north of Australia. Although the country is relatively remote, it's one of the best places in the world for a holiday. It's an island paradise that doesn't have the commercialism as many of the services and amenities are offered by the locals. Beaches, caves, mountains and other beautiful natural setting can be found here.
The country is actually a little bit odd in its tourism. While it's vastly acknowledged that the country offers some of the best natural settings in the world, there are no aggressive advertisements about the country. The tourism industry is practically gaining visitors based on its reputation and word of mouth. Those that have experienced Papua New Guinea will certainly attest to the wonderful experience.

Getting to Papua New Guinea is a little bit challenging. In fact, transportation might be your biggest problem in the country. The only way to get to the country is via air and you will arrive in Port Moresby, the country's capital. A good way to get around the country is still through small planes. You can even pamper yourself with a private fly.

Because of the hidden beauty of Papua New Guinea, the investment opportunity for properties in these islands is still big. Just be sure to prepare yourself for paperwork because the government set-up for foreigners purchasing properties is not clear. Since most of the land is under state lease (only 3% are privately owned), you'll most likely rent a property but under a very long term. If you really want to purchase a property in Papua New Guinea, its best that you find someone you know in the area or establish contacts to real estate agents in the country.

17 September 2009

Inside your holiday property

The price for your holiday property is influenced by various factors: location, economy or property amenities. A good advice to enhance your property is to decorate its interior with quality items. This will make your life easier and more pleasant if you intend to keep the property as a family asset and a holiday retreat. A pretty interior will also please your customers if you decide to include your property in the touristical circuit and rent it. Last but not least, high quality amenities will weight heavier in the price of your property if you decide to sell it at some point.

If you afford you should hire an interior designer and have your property decorated by a professional. The result will surely impress your family, your friends and your clients and you can only earn from this – compliments or higher rental prices. A designer will advice you on how to avoid kitsch reaching your property and will help you choose the best furniture, fabrics and bathrooms accessories for your building. Combining interior design with feng shui you will make sure you keep the positive energies and good health flowing into your property. It will do good to the inhabitants of your property.

20 August 2009

Investment in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is a city located north of Thailand. It's not as popular as Bangkok or Pattaya but it has a distinct appeal that makes it an attractive investment opportunity. Chiang Mai do not have any beaches but it's considered a city with very impressive natural surrounding.

The city is not as bustling compared to major cities in Thailand. This is part of the country still has an appeal - the city offers a quite refuge for travelers but near enough to various entertainment that lasts until early hours in the morning. The city also has an appeal to expats which increases its investment beauty to worldwide travelers.
Chiang Mai is also a city highly focused on its culture and tradition. Museums that shows the traditional way of life of the locals and their work of arts are very impressive. Actual presentation on the traditions is always available in various museums.

Aside from culture, the natural surrounding of Chiang Mai is one of the best in the country. You can even get an elephant ride a few kilometers outside the city and visit various forests for a few hours. The Chiang Mai Zoo also features some of the exotic animals in the wild.
Purchasing properties in Chiang Mai is relatively simple. You can lease a land or purchase a property along with a local investor. Chiang Mai's property is set to become popular in the next few years because of the increasing appeal of Chiang Mai to expats and nature travelers. It's a smart investment opportunity that will yield considerable earnings in a few years.

15 August 2009

Cuzco - a holiday investment

Cusco or Cuzco is one of the best kept secrets of Peru. Even seasoned tourists are not aware of the beauty this city has to offer. But a single visit in Cusco will be very memorable for every tourist.
Cusco is a World Heritage Site since 1983 because of its preserved structures and location. The city is regarded as the former colony of the Inca Empire as structures that date as early as 1200s are still preserved around Cusco. The world famous "Machu Pichu" can be reached by foot from the city center.

Aside from the impressive Incan Empire structures, cathedrals and churches that were built during the 16th century is still preserved. These are the structures built by Spaniards as they conquered the city. The Spaniards sacked the city in 1535 and opted to built churches while keeping Incan structures intact. The Plaza de Armas is a breathtaking place in Cusco as it provides a magnificent view of the Cathedrals in Cusco.

Owning a property in Cusco is relatively simple. Peru allows tourists to purchase properties with limitations. However, it's important to know that the government has the right to specify how the structure should be used. This means restrictions on the property have to be known before any purchase.
The best way to ease the process of purchasing a property in Cusco is to work with a trusted local lawyer. Through the power of attorney, the transactions should go smooth without any future legal problems.
There is a great opportunity for investors in Cusco. As the city attracts more tourists every year, properties easily become a hot commodity in the city.

07 August 2009

Holiday property in Hanoi

Hanoi is one of the best cities in Asia to experience the fusion of East and West. The country has been dominated by China for centuries which mean their ways and outlook is almost the same with their Asian counterpart. But the colonial era of Hanoi has been dominated by the French and the structures found around the city are a testament of the influence. These influences were never taken for granted and continue to be seen until today.

But the city did not stay on its past especially after the Vietnam War. Rapid expansion in the city and billions of dollars in investment is now transforming the country into one of the most aggressive economies in Asia. This rapid improvement will focus largely on tourism as the country is already experienced in this industry.

This expansion is now being felt by the real estate industry in Hanoi. If you're interested in acquiring property in this city, you should act as soon as possible. The demand for real estate is rising but the supply for available land in Hanoi will never keep up.
The best place for investment in Hanoi is in Tu Liem, located in the western end of the city. This area is highly recommended because of the expansion being implemented. The value of property in this area rapidly grows so a real estate investment is highly recommended.
The good news is that financing is now easier in the country as they try to attract as many investors as they can. You just have to make sure to work with a reputable real estate company in Hanoi to avoid legal and financial difficulties.

30 July 2009

Owning a property in Cebu, Philippines

Cebu is a city and center of the province with the same name in the central part of the Philippines. Located in the eastern area of the country, it’s considered the “Queen City of the South” because it easily rivals the nation’s capital (Manila) in terms of infrastructure, investors and aggressive development that’s constantly happening in the city. But aside from the beautiful city, the towns in the province are just stunning. Almost every town in the province has something to offer and as you go farther, the exotic beauty of Cebu is increasingly revealed.

As the city and the towns are located near the sea, beaches are highly accessible. In 10 minutes by taxi, you should be able to reach the shore or visit one of the beautiful resorts in the city. Cebu even has a district which is an island – Mactan. This beautiful island is where the international airport is located. The main business districts are a little bit far from the airport but transportation is no problem.

Unfortunately, a foreigner owning 100% of the property is not allowed in the Philippines. But there are a lot of local investors who are looking for foreign partners. Most of the properties that need investors are resorts that are waiting to be improved. It’s your chance to experience the beautiful shores of province while you conduct business in this promising place. Just be careful in choosing a broker so that you will have a smooth transaction in becoming a part owner of a beautiful breach front property.

17 July 2009

Property investment in Bolivia

Bolivia is an increasingly popular destination not only for a short vacation but a place to stay for an extended period. Its simple way of life on the rural area coupled with an almost untouched natural beauty is slowly attracting tourists around the world.

Because the country is still on its development phase, properties in Bolivia are not that expensive yet. This creates a great opportunity for those who are seeking properties to invest in for the future. A simple search for available properties in Bolivia will reveal a beautiful town of Magdalena.

Magdalena is a picturesque town of Itenez Province. Located in the Northern part of Bolivia, it’s a relatively small town with a population of no more than 10,000. Most of the properties that could be purchased here are located at least 500 meters from the town center and accessible by most mode of transportation.

At first glance, the town offers nothing more than the experience of rural life. But Magdalena is on a river which adds to the exotic beauty of the surroundings. Numerous structures including a resort is even planned to be set up in town to attract more tourists to the beautiful river.

The structures that could be sold in Magdalena are houses built with traditional Bolivian architecture, surrounded by trees with an easy access road. The area is a perfect property for those who wanted to invest or for those who wanted to have place where they can have a quiet yet beautifully landscaped surroundings.

15 July 2009

Holiday property in quirky Chisinau

Chisinau may not be one of the first cities to be considered when it comes to European vacation, but it’s a beautiful city waiting to be discovered. As the capital of Moldova, the city enjoys the most luxuries a city would have but with a big difference. Moldova is not a rich country. In fact, it is the poorest country in Europe. That means the capital could be busy with some of its business and political activities, but it’s a quite neighborhood that offers easy access to various places in the capital and in the country.

The best thing about Chisinau is that it’s very close to everything. Although relatively big, almost every Chisinau landmark could be reached in one bus ride (taxis are relatively expensive). Although Chisinau has experienced rapid changes for the past few years, it’s still one of the greenest cities in Europe. You can find gardens that spread for acres in almost every part of the city. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the capital has become open to tourists. The Cathedral of Chisinau, the beautiful City Hall and its own version of Arc de Triomphe are all accessible without any fees for access. The nightlife in Chisinau is also lively although not as much as many of its European counterparts.

The beauty of Chisinau rests in preserving its old culture in the face of rapid changes. A property here will provide the owner a chance to become a witness of this rare feature of the country’s capital.

13 July 2009

Property in Pattaya, Thailand

One of the most popular cities in Thailand is Pattaya. Located in the southern part of the country, the city is often considered as the alternative to Phuket as the favourite travel destination for tourists around the world. Merely two hours from Bangkok, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the beach and the hospitality of the locals with only after a few hours of travel in the country.

Pattaya even has an advantage over Phuket. Pattaya is connected to the mainland which means tourists can reach Pattaya by land. Phuket on the other hand, is an island which will require tourists an additional plane ride before they arrive in the island. Its connection to the mainland is also one of the reasons why the city is rapidly expanding. Business is growing the in the city while tourism is improving significantly.

If you’re looking for a holiday property in Pattaya, you have two options. The first option to purchase a property that offers a beach from view on a condominium. Because of the popularity of the beach of Pattaya, condominiums were built to provide the security and comfort of the city life while allowing easy access to the beach. The second option is to purchase a home outside the city which is very ideal for a family.

Acquiring a property in Pattaya is very easy because of its relaxed conditions for foreign ownership. You can practically pick a property that you want and lock it up only to be opened when you’re back for your annual vacation.

22 June 2009

Split - ideal holiday investment

Split is one of the many hidden gems of Croatia. Although relatively small it’s becoming a favourite city for many tourists because of its historical structures as well as beaches. Purchasing a property in this city is highly recommended as tourists are expected to increase in coming years. Croatian Real Estate law allows foreigners to own properties anywhere in the country.

The city is known for the Diocletian Palace which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Located in the city centre, access is very easy as bus and taxis are everywhere. Aside from the remarkable palace, churches and museums are also found in Split. Other structures are the Archaeological Museum as well the Cathedral of St. Duje. Both structures are centuries old with amazing architecture.

The natural beauty of Split is also undeniable. The port of Split is considered a major waypoint towards other islands in the region. This port also serves as the connection of Split to other cities outside the region. There are also small yet beautiful beaches that are surprisingly scenic and refreshing. Split is still considered young in the world of tourism but it’s picking up fast because of the popularity of Diocletian Palace.

The easiest way to purchase a property in split is to contact a real estate trader. There are also real estate agents but a trader is a lot more experienced since he or she could move three properties at a time. Through a trader, you can make the move as soon as possible since the interest is continuously increasing in this wonderful city.

16 June 2009

Holiday property in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the crossroads for East and West, as well as North to South routes. It is pretty much in the prime spot to advertise your property to people in Europe and more importantly - Russia. Because of its great location, Ukraine has actually had positive growth over the past five years, as far as its economy goes. That makes it one of the best in all of Europe, and that is saying a lot.

All you have to do is look at the success stories that come out of the Ukraine. A lot of companies have made their way over there to find nothing but great success. In fact, such companies as Kraft Foods, Coca Cola, and even McDonald have found a great market here, and so can you. This area is the perfect place for property villas, and after taking a look around, you can clearly see why.

Besides, the ex-communists holiday resorts in Crimea has remained as popular as in the past and developed for more capitalist tastes. Their popularity may be another strong reason why one would invest in Ukraine.

08 June 2009

Holiday properties in Turkey

One area that is often forgotten by the property investors is Turkey. The truth of the matter is that Turkey is a great place to invest in. This area is home to a lot of tourist attractions, which includes the amazing villages overlooking beaches, as well as some of the greatest cities in the world, like Istanbul.

According to many studies, Turkey attracts over 27 million people every year. This makes it the third most popular spot in all of Europe. Thus, this makes it a very profitable spot to invest in. Also, the price on property in this area is rather low as well, meaning that you can get a great return on your investment in a short amount of time.

The great thing about investing in Turkey is the fact that its role with tourism has already been secured for many years. Since the economy is at a low point right now, this is the perfect time to buy property in this area of the world. Now you can invest in property at a much lower price than what it was just a few months ago. The price on this property is bound to go back up as people start travelling again. If you already have investments in the area, then you will get nothing except profit from that point on. This is a great chance to prove that a small investment can be turned into a huge gain later down the road.

11 May 2009

Chennai: The Forgotten Hot Spot

When looking for the best holiday places to invest in, do not leave out India. Of course, when you think of India, you may only think about the top locations there. However, one place that is starting to be noticed by tourists is Chennai. This is, in fact, the fourth largest area in India. This cute city is located right on the Coromandel Coast at Bay of Bengal. As of 2001, it has a population of about 4.2 million people. So now you know a little bit more about Chennai, but why would you want to invest in any property there? Why would tourists want to come to this nice little town?

The main reason why you want to invest in Chennai is because of all the stuff there is to see and do there. Although this has been a hidden gem for a long time, the amount of tourists that come to this area is on the rise. The summers are nice and warm and are the perfect time to visit Marina beach or Elliots beach. Most tourists love to pack a dinner and eat lunch right on the beach. People also love to come here because of all the great shots. Pondy Bazaar and Ranganathan Street is a great place to bargain for knick knacks. Tourists have fallen in love with the charm of this city.

Last, but not least, a lot of people travel to Chennai because of the Tamil Baptist Church in Kilpauk. This is a great monument that is over 107 years old. Thus, you can see that Chennai has charm, as well as history. It is the perfect town to invest in.

16 April 2009

Holiday property in Panama City

When looking for the top locations to invest in for holiday property, you need to check out Panama City, Florida. This is a great area of Florida - a perfect spot for people to go on holidays. The great thing about this spot is that not too many people have made investments there yet. Now more and more people are starting to travel to this location every year because of the great beaches. This is the perfect spot to invest in some property and make some good money.

One reason why people have not started to invest in Panama City yet is because the airport was not big enough to support any big jets. However, the State of Florida came up with plans to build a bigger airport. These plans were approved and the new airport, which cost $300 million, was completed back in 2008. Now visitors from around the world can enjoy the beauty of Panama City.

Panama City is an economy that is just waiting to break out, and if you want to be a part of it, then you need to act now. Even right now the beachfront condos are going for as little as $300,000. This means that they are down almost $100,000 from 2005! The prices on real estate are not going to get much better than this for a beachfront property. You can not wait too much longer to act on this property. This is because the city has plans to develop further. Thus, if you want to get in while the prices are still low, you have to do it now!

03 April 2009

Sydney: the new hot spot

There are tons of places that you can invest in all over the world. However, your main goal should be to invest in an area that is doing great and has a lot of growth. One such place could be Sydney, Australia. This is a place that has kind of been flying below the radar lately and has set itself up as a prime spot to invest in.

One great reason why you should invest in property villas in Sydney, Australia is because it's already a well known spot. People love to go here on vacations. However, due to the economy around the world, people have not been looking into investing in cities such as this. Thus, the outcome is great prices on amazing real estate in Sydney.

Also, you should note that Australia is one of the few places in the world that is not having a big economic problem right now. That is because their industry and materials are being used to fuel much of Asia (which is on a big growth spurt right now as well). Thus, it's pretty easy to see that the future looks pretty bright for all of Australia, including Sydney.

However, this is an area that you have to act on fast. Before long, there will be a big boom in the commercial industry of Australia to get more people in there. When this happens, you will have a lot of rental homes for people going up. This includes a lot of commercial villas as well. This is a place that you have to act on now to have a chance.

06 March 2009

Tokyo takes the lead

For the first time in the past two years, Tokyo is finally ranked number one as the best real estate investment spot for the upcoming year. A study was done on the big Asian cities around the world, and the survey showed that Tokyo had leap-frogged past Shanghai, which had been number one. So that brings up the big question, what makes Tokyo such a great city to invest in?

One of the reasons is because Tokyo has been labeled as a low risk area. That is why so many property and holiday investment companies remain so interested in Tokyo despite the weakened world economy. This does not mean that Tokyo's economy has not been hit hard (because it has), but it is much stronger than other financial centers around the world. The flights in and out of Tokyo are a lot higher than other Asian cities, meaning that holiday property buying in this area is still a great idea.

To make sure that you get some property that is in a good area of Tokyo, you need to look for a section that has a very strong buy and hold recommendation. Right now, the office property sector is by far the best place to buy property in. Only time will tell if the weakened economy will hit Tokyo any harder, but based one what we have seen so far, Tokyo looks like the best Asian city to invest in! However, it is important to buy now, and hold onto the property. As of now, the prices for property around Tokyo are at very low levels.

18 February 2009

Sunny investment in Murcia, Spain

When choosing an area to invest your money in, there are not many places that can top Murcia, Spain. This is an area that is amazing almost all year long, but this area tends to fall below the radar when it comes to property investment. Of course, today we are going to talk about why that is a big mistake. In fact, there is a ton of money that can be mad in Murcia!

First of all, as we all ready said, the weather is wonderful. The region stays at almost a spring-like temperature all year round. The sun is normally always shinning, and it's the perfect place to play golf. In fact, there are nine stunning golf courses that grace this area alone. This makes Murcia the ideal place to spend a holiday.

Also, the people that stay in Murcia quickly learn that it is easy to get to any other area of Spain from there. They have a lot of great roads, trains, and airports to get you to wherever you need to go. This is good, because Murcia is a pretty big tourist area. It is set up to handle a lot of traffic, because it gets a lot of traffic.

Last, but not least, you have to keep in mind that there are a lot of other things that Murcia has going for it. One of the best things is that it is close to Mar Menor. This is an area where people like to go to enjoy a whole lot of water sports. All in all, this is the place where people want to be. If you are smart, you can get in and start investing in it now before everyone else does.

23 January 2009

New Delhi - the best place to invest

There are tons of places where you can invest. Most of them would be the perfect place to buy property and set up little holiday villas to rent out. However, nowadays people are always looking for the next “big” thing. To stay ahead of the rest of the game, you have to know what is hot and what is not. Instead of investing in all of the normal places that other people do, you may need to think outside the box, and New Delhi, India could be just the place for you.

India, over the past several years, has been praised for its amazing economic growth. This is no longer just a place where people live and work. This is an area where people want to visit and explore the vast culture that can be found around every corner. Not only that, but recent studies have shown that New Delhi is actually one of the best places to live in the world right now. This means that there are tons of employment opportunities and room for further growth.

All those stats are nice and all, but you need more than that to want to invest in property in an area that you may or may not have ever been to. Well, the good news about New Delhi is that it does have a lot going for it. Not only does it have a great growth rate for employment, but it also has some of the best safety and public facilities you can find in all of India. There is also tons of entertainment around this city as well, insuring that everyone has something to do all the time

16 January 2009

Albania - a rising star for investors

For those of you who do not know, Albania has finally become a great tourist destination. Most people go to Albania to explore all of its hidden treasures that it has everywhere. However, others seem to go to Albania for other reasons as well. This is a place that is full of charm and a positive atmosphere. Not only that, but it is full of great food and amazing shops. This is a place that has remained, pretty much, unchanged for years, and that is why so many people want now to go and see this hot spot.

Of course, if that is not enough for you to want to jump on board the great investment opportunities in Albania, then think about this: not only does Albania have everything we just talked about, but it is also full of miles of crystal clear beaches. If that does not scream summer hot spot, then nothing does!

The amount of visitors that have been coming to Albania has been on the rise. In fact, they say that there has been over a 20% increase in the amount of tourists to the Albania area. These are records that were taken in June, compared to the previous year's June records. However, you have to act now while the prices of property are still low. There has still yet to be any massive property growth in this area, so it's the perfect time for someone to come in and make a killing. In this kind of industry, you have to know when to strike when the iron is hot, and it's burning up right now!

06 January 2009

Smart investment in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a very small land territory of the UK in the southernmost portion of Europe. It’s located in the tip of the continent as it near the borders of Africa. Historically, the area was used by the Muslims. Today, it is a British territory for more than 300 years.

Since Gibraltar is owned by UK, purchases in this land are government by the laws of the country. However, Gibraltar has set up a few exceptions especially for businesses who wanted to invest in the company. A low tax rate of 10% - 12% is applied on the company’s income. Purchases of land are also relatively easy, as long as you can find one on sale.

These facts have attracted a lot of investors in Gibraltar. It’s historical and exotic destinations have made this small piece of land an ideal place for an investment. The Moorish Castle, St. Michael’s Cave, the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque and the massive 100-Ton Cannon should not be missed by any tourist who opted to visit Spain and other southern countries in Europe.

The challenge for investors in Gibraltar is actually on the fact that the land itself is very small. With only seven (7) square kilometers of land area for sale, it would be a challenge to find a lot on sale fast. That is why it is highly recommended to have a local real estate agent as a contact. He or she will act as a representative as soon as an available lot or property is put up for sale.