06 January 2009

Smart investment in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a very small land territory of the UK in the southernmost portion of Europe. It’s located in the tip of the continent as it near the borders of Africa. Historically, the area was used by the Muslims. Today, it is a British territory for more than 300 years.

Since Gibraltar is owned by UK, purchases in this land are government by the laws of the country. However, Gibraltar has set up a few exceptions especially for businesses who wanted to invest in the company. A low tax rate of 10% - 12% is applied on the company’s income. Purchases of land are also relatively easy, as long as you can find one on sale.

These facts have attracted a lot of investors in Gibraltar. It’s historical and exotic destinations have made this small piece of land an ideal place for an investment. The Moorish Castle, St. Michael’s Cave, the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque and the massive 100-Ton Cannon should not be missed by any tourist who opted to visit Spain and other southern countries in Europe.

The challenge for investors in Gibraltar is actually on the fact that the land itself is very small. With only seven (7) square kilometers of land area for sale, it would be a challenge to find a lot on sale fast. That is why it is highly recommended to have a local real estate agent as a contact. He or she will act as a representative as soon as an available lot or property is put up for sale.

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