22 June 2009

Split - ideal holiday investment

Split is one of the many hidden gems of Croatia. Although relatively small it’s becoming a favourite city for many tourists because of its historical structures as well as beaches. Purchasing a property in this city is highly recommended as tourists are expected to increase in coming years. Croatian Real Estate law allows foreigners to own properties anywhere in the country.

The city is known for the Diocletian Palace which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Located in the city centre, access is very easy as bus and taxis are everywhere. Aside from the remarkable palace, churches and museums are also found in Split. Other structures are the Archaeological Museum as well the Cathedral of St. Duje. Both structures are centuries old with amazing architecture.

The natural beauty of Split is also undeniable. The port of Split is considered a major waypoint towards other islands in the region. This port also serves as the connection of Split to other cities outside the region. There are also small yet beautiful beaches that are surprisingly scenic and refreshing. Split is still considered young in the world of tourism but it’s picking up fast because of the popularity of Diocletian Palace.

The easiest way to purchase a property in split is to contact a real estate trader. There are also real estate agents but a trader is a lot more experienced since he or she could move three properties at a time. Through a trader, you can make the move as soon as possible since the interest is continuously increasing in this wonderful city.

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