15 July 2009

Holiday property in quirky Chisinau

Chisinau may not be one of the first cities to be considered when it comes to European vacation, but it’s a beautiful city waiting to be discovered. As the capital of Moldova, the city enjoys the most luxuries a city would have but with a big difference. Moldova is not a rich country. In fact, it is the poorest country in Europe. That means the capital could be busy with some of its business and political activities, but it’s a quite neighborhood that offers easy access to various places in the capital and in the country.

The best thing about Chisinau is that it’s very close to everything. Although relatively big, almost every Chisinau landmark could be reached in one bus ride (taxis are relatively expensive). Although Chisinau has experienced rapid changes for the past few years, it’s still one of the greenest cities in Europe. You can find gardens that spread for acres in almost every part of the city. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the capital has become open to tourists. The Cathedral of Chisinau, the beautiful City Hall and its own version of Arc de Triomphe are all accessible without any fees for access. The nightlife in Chisinau is also lively although not as much as many of its European counterparts.

The beauty of Chisinau rests in preserving its old culture in the face of rapid changes. A property here will provide the owner a chance to become a witness of this rare feature of the country’s capital.

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