30 July 2009

Owning a property in Cebu, Philippines

Cebu is a city and center of the province with the same name in the central part of the Philippines. Located in the eastern area of the country, it’s considered the “Queen City of the South” because it easily rivals the nation’s capital (Manila) in terms of infrastructure, investors and aggressive development that’s constantly happening in the city. But aside from the beautiful city, the towns in the province are just stunning. Almost every town in the province has something to offer and as you go farther, the exotic beauty of Cebu is increasingly revealed.

As the city and the towns are located near the sea, beaches are highly accessible. In 10 minutes by taxi, you should be able to reach the shore or visit one of the beautiful resorts in the city. Cebu even has a district which is an island – Mactan. This beautiful island is where the international airport is located. The main business districts are a little bit far from the airport but transportation is no problem.

Unfortunately, a foreigner owning 100% of the property is not allowed in the Philippines. But there are a lot of local investors who are looking for foreign partners. Most of the properties that need investors are resorts that are waiting to be improved. It’s your chance to experience the beautiful shores of province while you conduct business in this promising place. Just be careful in choosing a broker so that you will have a smooth transaction in becoming a part owner of a beautiful breach front property.

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