17 July 2009

Property investment in Bolivia

Bolivia is an increasingly popular destination not only for a short vacation but a place to stay for an extended period. Its simple way of life on the rural area coupled with an almost untouched natural beauty is slowly attracting tourists around the world.

Because the country is still on its development phase, properties in Bolivia are not that expensive yet. This creates a great opportunity for those who are seeking properties to invest in for the future. A simple search for available properties in Bolivia will reveal a beautiful town of Magdalena.

Magdalena is a picturesque town of Itenez Province. Located in the Northern part of Bolivia, it’s a relatively small town with a population of no more than 10,000. Most of the properties that could be purchased here are located at least 500 meters from the town center and accessible by most mode of transportation.

At first glance, the town offers nothing more than the experience of rural life. But Magdalena is on a river which adds to the exotic beauty of the surroundings. Numerous structures including a resort is even planned to be set up in town to attract more tourists to the beautiful river.

The structures that could be sold in Magdalena are houses built with traditional Bolivian architecture, surrounded by trees with an easy access road. The area is a perfect property for those who wanted to invest or for those who wanted to have place where they can have a quiet yet beautifully landscaped surroundings.

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