15 August 2009

Cuzco - a holiday investment

Cusco or Cuzco is one of the best kept secrets of Peru. Even seasoned tourists are not aware of the beauty this city has to offer. But a single visit in Cusco will be very memorable for every tourist.
Cusco is a World Heritage Site since 1983 because of its preserved structures and location. The city is regarded as the former colony of the Inca Empire as structures that date as early as 1200s are still preserved around Cusco. The world famous "Machu Pichu" can be reached by foot from the city center.

Aside from the impressive Incan Empire structures, cathedrals and churches that were built during the 16th century is still preserved. These are the structures built by Spaniards as they conquered the city. The Spaniards sacked the city in 1535 and opted to built churches while keeping Incan structures intact. The Plaza de Armas is a breathtaking place in Cusco as it provides a magnificent view of the Cathedrals in Cusco.

Owning a property in Cusco is relatively simple. Peru allows tourists to purchase properties with limitations. However, it's important to know that the government has the right to specify how the structure should be used. This means restrictions on the property have to be known before any purchase.
The best way to ease the process of purchasing a property in Cusco is to work with a trusted local lawyer. Through the power of attorney, the transactions should go smooth without any future legal problems.
There is a great opportunity for investors in Cusco. As the city attracts more tourists every year, properties easily become a hot commodity in the city.

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