20 August 2009

Investment in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is a city located north of Thailand. It's not as popular as Bangkok or Pattaya but it has a distinct appeal that makes it an attractive investment opportunity. Chiang Mai do not have any beaches but it's considered a city with very impressive natural surrounding.

The city is not as bustling compared to major cities in Thailand. This is part of the country still has an appeal - the city offers a quite refuge for travelers but near enough to various entertainment that lasts until early hours in the morning. The city also has an appeal to expats which increases its investment beauty to worldwide travelers.
Chiang Mai is also a city highly focused on its culture and tradition. Museums that shows the traditional way of life of the locals and their work of arts are very impressive. Actual presentation on the traditions is always available in various museums.

Aside from culture, the natural surrounding of Chiang Mai is one of the best in the country. You can even get an elephant ride a few kilometers outside the city and visit various forests for a few hours. The Chiang Mai Zoo also features some of the exotic animals in the wild.
Purchasing properties in Chiang Mai is relatively simple. You can lease a land or purchase a property along with a local investor. Chiang Mai's property is set to become popular in the next few years because of the increasing appeal of Chiang Mai to expats and nature travelers. It's a smart investment opportunity that will yield considerable earnings in a few years.

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