30 September 2009

Holiday Property in Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are considered one of the best kept secrets of the British Colonies. Located in the southeast seas of South America, this British territory is a highly protected land because of its special natural habitat. The territory is composed of two large islands and other small islands - all with distinct beauty of flora and fauna as well as wild animals.

The most challenging part in considering a property in Falkland Islands is the transportation. The only available airport is the Mount Pleasant Airport which is also a military base. Travelers can either go through Chile or they can travel directly from the UK but the flight will take nearly 18 hours. There are cruise ships that pass the island and they are ideal for those on vacation.

Even though Falkland Islands are relatively challenging to visit, the trip is really worth it for nature lovers. The wild animals and the beaches are among the best and unique in the world. The islands are also home to an impressive variety of birds and a stop over by many migratory birds. Penguins, seals, dolphins and sometimes whales can be seen from the shore.

Because of the unique beauty the islands have to offer, the opportunity of investment in these islands is great. Simply focus on purchasing a property in Stanley as this island is considered the "town" or capital. Although properties being sold in this island are scarce, there is always someone looking for partners wanting to invest in this beautiful island.

21 September 2009

Property in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a country located north of Australia. Although the country is relatively remote, it's one of the best places in the world for a holiday. It's an island paradise that doesn't have the commercialism as many of the services and amenities are offered by the locals. Beaches, caves, mountains and other beautiful natural setting can be found here.
The country is actually a little bit odd in its tourism. While it's vastly acknowledged that the country offers some of the best natural settings in the world, there are no aggressive advertisements about the country. The tourism industry is practically gaining visitors based on its reputation and word of mouth. Those that have experienced Papua New Guinea will certainly attest to the wonderful experience.

Getting to Papua New Guinea is a little bit challenging. In fact, transportation might be your biggest problem in the country. The only way to get to the country is via air and you will arrive in Port Moresby, the country's capital. A good way to get around the country is still through small planes. You can even pamper yourself with a private fly.

Because of the hidden beauty of Papua New Guinea, the investment opportunity for properties in these islands is still big. Just be sure to prepare yourself for paperwork because the government set-up for foreigners purchasing properties is not clear. Since most of the land is under state lease (only 3% are privately owned), you'll most likely rent a property but under a very long term. If you really want to purchase a property in Papua New Guinea, its best that you find someone you know in the area or establish contacts to real estate agents in the country.

17 September 2009

Inside your holiday property

The price for your holiday property is influenced by various factors: location, economy or property amenities. A good advice to enhance your property is to decorate its interior with quality items. This will make your life easier and more pleasant if you intend to keep the property as a family asset and a holiday retreat. A pretty interior will also please your customers if you decide to include your property in the touristical circuit and rent it. Last but not least, high quality amenities will weight heavier in the price of your property if you decide to sell it at some point.

If you afford you should hire an interior designer and have your property decorated by a professional. The result will surely impress your family, your friends and your clients and you can only earn from this – compliments or higher rental prices. A designer will advice you on how to avoid kitsch reaching your property and will help you choose the best furniture, fabrics and bathrooms accessories for your building. Combining interior design with feng shui you will make sure you keep the positive energies and good health flowing into your property. It will do good to the inhabitants of your property.