15 October 2009

Çıralı: A Beautiful Turkish Secret

Çıralı is a small and beautiful Turkish village. Located in the southwest area of the country, the village boasts of glorious surroundings incorporated in a traditional setting. The village is no more than an hour drive from Antalaya - a city also known for its remarkable setting to the sea.
Aside from the natural beauty of Çıralı, the village is also close to two well known settings of Greek mythology. Chimaera and Olympos are very close to the village. The ruins in Olympos will provide more than a basic education on Greek Mythology to visitors. The gas vents in Chimaera will also give visitors the idea why the name of the beast was attributed to this place.
The beauty of the village and its proximity to interesting places are all within the backdrop of 3.5 kilometers of beach. The beach is secluded which means privacy can always be found in this area. Hotel chains are non-existent as most of the accommodations are family owned hotels. You own a property here not just because of the beach, but because of the privacy, as well as access to great places in the country.
Purchasing a property in Turkey and specifically Çıralı, is relatively easy for visitors. Foreigners just have to make sure that the properties they are trying to purchase are within the zone allowed by the government. You can freely use the property for personal use or see it as an investment as this small village in Turkey provides a unique blend of tradition, culture and natural beauty.

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  1. i've always been wanting to visit Europe and never really had the chance yet. I love the photos and especially the Punta Cana. Just makes me want to visit more! =)