17 December 2009

Reasons to invest in Wellington

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. Aside from being the country’s political center, the city is also the country's center for arts and culture. A highly developed city, Wellington is often visited by tourists because of its remarkable natural surroundings.
The current landmass of the city has significantly expanded since mid 1800s because of reclamation. Signs have been put up near the coast of the city to signify the start of the reclamation area. Reclamation started in Wellington after the 1855 earthquake.

The natural beauty of the city is based on its beaches and mountains. The Wellington Harbor is home of various parks and small beaches. The southern end of the city boasts of sporadic, small beaches that provides a bit of privacy because of its size. The western end of the city features hills with impressive views of the city and the beach.

As the capital of New Zealand, finding Wellington and going around the city is very easy. The Wellington International Airport is just 5 kilometers. Tourists can go around the city through bus, train or even by foot. The waterfront is a long stretch but can be a relaxing and learning experience for tourists.

Surprisingly, real estate in Wellington is not very aggressive. Experts agree that real estate prices are not expensive compared to other major cities around the world. However, investors are encouraged to grab a property as soon as possible before the price hits the lowest point. Tourists should be able to find rent-to-own properties in Wellington or simply lease to know more about the property before entering into actual business transaction.

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  1. Steve Simmons6:33 AM

    I was looking to invest in New Zealand as I already have properties in various locations in Australia.

    Wellington certainly looks like a good option - with not much competition in the market it seems a perfect time to purchase some real estate.

    I'm going to keep an eye on how things pan out at the start of the 2010 with a view to buying something in the Summer.

    Does anybody have real estate experiences from New Zealand?