19 December 2010

The Granary Cottage - County Waterford, Ireland

The Granary Cottage - County Waterford, Ireland

24 November 2010

Better bathrooms for your holiday property

BetterBathrooms is the online presence of a company of the same name. As the name suggests, the company sells bathroom fixtures and appliances. It’s a well thought out website as they provide complete information of each product they sell online including their prices and actual pictures. It’s practically a virtual marketplace where customers can literally skim through each bathroom fixtures of their choice.

The website categorizes each product and whenever each category is selected, a sub-category is displayed along with the products under the said category. This allows faster selection of bathroom fixture. The website also lists the special promotions with very detailed description of each fixture sold online. An impressive feature is the video tour of their different stores.

The website also offers post-sales customer support. Order tracking is relatively simple as customers simply fill-out the information online and the company responds as soon as possible vie text message or email. Delivery information is also provided on the website so that consumers are aware of the shipping and handling fees of the products they order. From the online shop to the end result of an elegant bathroom for a permanent or holiday property, the customer is offered the best products and services.

12 October 2010

DIY Conservatories

A conservatory is an amazing addition to your home as it adds natural lighting and space providing also much needed privacy or being an ideal place for relaxation. Are you looking for a complete line of materials required for great conservatories for your home? The website conservatoriesprices.co.uk is specifically designed to assist anyone who wants to install a conservatory at home.

The website offers a wide variety of choices for building and installing conservatories. An online tool that can immediately give a quote based on a specific design is available to quickly provide options on pricing. Although the price quote is just for basic design and components, this gives customers a great start on what to expect when installing conservatories at home.

In addition to the extensive line of conservatory designs, customisation is also possible. The website also offers kits or set-pieces for those considering DIY conservatories. They offer an option to self-build where their customers write down their specifications with the projected design and the company replies with a quote and the proposed design of the conservatory.

Last but not least, Conservatoriesprices.co.uk also dedicated a part of their website for a blog. This is very useful for those who are learning about the benefits of conservatories as it provides extensive information about the industry and additional tips for conservatory designs.

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03 March 2010

Holiday property in Delft

Delft is one of the best tourist destinations in the Netherlands. Located in the western part of the country, the city is just a few km away from Amsterdam which makes it a highly accessible city: buses, trams and trains provide easy access to the city.

The city was established in the mid 1200s and its structures are a big testimony of its rich history. The Old and New Church, built 1246 and 1496 respectively, should never be missed by tourists. The Old Church is well known for its burial ground of well known Dutchmen while the New Church has a tower open for tourist to visit for a better view of the city.

Delft is also known for its pottery and the best place to experience their expertise is in Porceleyne Fles. One of the oldest earthenware factories in the country, a guided tour is a must as it comes with free lessons on pottery. Another reason why many tourists visit Delft is its size. It's a relatively small city that most important places for tourists to visit can be accessed on foot. There are a good number of walking tour companies in the area where they take tourists to the Town Hall, Fish Market, Almshouses, Agnetapark and the East Gate.
Because of the appeal of Delft to tourists, investment in this city can have a good yield. Foreigners can purchase properties in the area and although it could be expensive because of population density, the long term earnings are worthy.

18 February 2010

The holiday property of your dreams

Owning a holiday home in areas with touristic potential will definitely save you money long-term. A second home designed for holidays will help you save money you would spend for hotel accommodation and restaurants and during the period when you are not using your property you can rent it to tourists and earn money.

Buyers have a wide choice of areas where they can invest in a property so the choice is a matter of taste and finances. There are certain factors to be kept in mind before making a buying decision: the condition of the property, the real value of the property, the price involved and the extra legal details which may be time or money consuming. A local real estate broker can be helpful in the whole buying process and can save you energy and time.

The following step after buying your holiday property should be improving your holiday home and that includes re-decorating, buying furniture or adding a swimming pool to the beautiful garden. For excellent results you might want the help of an interior designer who can give you valuable advice about decorations, furniture or bedroom flooring materials. This second step you will take towards the holiday property of your dreams will require some more energy and money from you, you'll need to buy toilets, bathroom tiles, armchairs and paintings but you will reap the benefits soon. You'll have a cosy and nice second home which you can use for a relaxed retreat with friends or family and you can rent it for the rest of the time when you are not using it and have someone else enjoy your property as well.

16 February 2010

Cheap property investment in Riga

Although Latvia is less popular compared to other European countries, it's increasingly gaining the attention of tourists because of its recent renovation. As the country's capital, much of the makeover planned for the country was implemented in Riga.

Arriving and going around in Riga is very easy. Major airlines arrive in the country everyday. Bus and trains from its neighbouring countries also arrive in the city. A tourist can even take a ferry from Stockholm to visit Riga.

There are two reasons why tourists visit Riga: the old town and the nightlife. The old town is a reconstructed part of the city after it was destroyed in WWII. The nightlife in Riga is very impressive as you'll see different bars that stay open and noisy until the wee hours of the morning. Going around Riga depends on your destination. If you're there to enjoy the nightlife then a taxi is the best option. On the other hand, the historic old town can only be visited on foot. In the old town, you can dine in a traditional restaurant and enjoy the old setting of the city.

Because of the city's increasing popularity, it is also becoming a smart investment opportunity as the house prices have crashed in 2009.

20 January 2010

Property close to the beaches of Palawan

Palawan is an island province located in the western end of the Philippines. It's an increasingly popular tourist destination because of the improved access of notable tourist destination. The province's main land is also separated to the major islands of the country which makes it very distinct.

The main reason why tourists visit this part of the country is the beaches. The country has more than 7,000 islands and more than 1,700 of those islands are found in Palawan. Complementing the beaches in Palawan are untouched forests and even zoos dedicated to reptiles (Crocodile Farm). Saying that there are a lot of things to do in Palawan is almost an understatement. Scuba diving in an open sea, visiting underground rivers, fishing and trekking to nearby falls are only some of the activities that can be enjoyed by tourists. Some of the most popular resorts are El Nido, Dos Palmas and Club Paradise.

The only challenge for Palawan is on transportation. The well known resorts are located in an island so they provide transportation to the visitors. Some even require small planes just to reach these places. As already indicated, transportation is improving so other places are a lot more accessible.
Investments in various parts of Palawan are also improving. Foreigners are not allowed full ownership of property in Palawan but they can be a partner and have less than 50% ownership with a local. With this arrangement, tourists can find a local businessman also interested in Palawan so that a property could be purchased and become a long term investment.