16 February 2010

Cheap property investment in Riga

Although Latvia is less popular compared to other European countries, it's increasingly gaining the attention of tourists because of its recent renovation. As the country's capital, much of the makeover planned for the country was implemented in Riga.

Arriving and going around in Riga is very easy. Major airlines arrive in the country everyday. Bus and trains from its neighbouring countries also arrive in the city. A tourist can even take a ferry from Stockholm to visit Riga.

There are two reasons why tourists visit Riga: the old town and the nightlife. The old town is a reconstructed part of the city after it was destroyed in WWII. The nightlife in Riga is very impressive as you'll see different bars that stay open and noisy until the wee hours of the morning. Going around Riga depends on your destination. If you're there to enjoy the nightlife then a taxi is the best option. On the other hand, the historic old town can only be visited on foot. In the old town, you can dine in a traditional restaurant and enjoy the old setting of the city.

Because of the city's increasing popularity, it is also becoming a smart investment opportunity as the house prices have crashed in 2009.


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