03 March 2010

Holiday property in Delft

Delft is one of the best tourist destinations in the Netherlands. Located in the western part of the country, the city is just a few km away from Amsterdam which makes it a highly accessible city: buses, trams and trains provide easy access to the city.

The city was established in the mid 1200s and its structures are a big testimony of its rich history. The Old and New Church, built 1246 and 1496 respectively, should never be missed by tourists. The Old Church is well known for its burial ground of well known Dutchmen while the New Church has a tower open for tourist to visit for a better view of the city.

Delft is also known for its pottery and the best place to experience their expertise is in Porceleyne Fles. One of the oldest earthenware factories in the country, a guided tour is a must as it comes with free lessons on pottery. Another reason why many tourists visit Delft is its size. It's a relatively small city that most important places for tourists to visit can be accessed on foot. There are a good number of walking tour companies in the area where they take tourists to the Town Hall, Fish Market, Almshouses, Agnetapark and the East Gate.
Because of the appeal of Delft to tourists, investment in this city can have a good yield. Foreigners can purchase properties in the area and although it could be expensive because of population density, the long term earnings are worthy.