24 November 2010

Better bathrooms for your holiday property

BetterBathrooms is the online presence of a company of the same name. As the name suggests, the company sells bathroom fixtures and appliances. It’s a well thought out website as they provide complete information of each product they sell online including their prices and actual pictures. It’s practically a virtual marketplace where customers can literally skim through each bathroom fixtures of their choice.

The website categorizes each product and whenever each category is selected, a sub-category is displayed along with the products under the said category. This allows faster selection of bathroom fixture. The website also lists the special promotions with very detailed description of each fixture sold online. An impressive feature is the video tour of their different stores.

The website also offers post-sales customer support. Order tracking is relatively simple as customers simply fill-out the information online and the company responds as soon as possible vie text message or email. Delivery information is also provided on the website so that consumers are aware of the shipping and handling fees of the products they order. From the online shop to the end result of an elegant bathroom for a permanent or holiday property, the customer is offered the best products and services.