03 February 2011

Beautiful Holiday Homes in Devon

Tucked in the south of England is the beautiful county of Devon. Its coastal lines and interesting natural wonders have made it a very popular tourist destination. If you’re thinking of visiting this beautiful part of England, you don’t have to worry about accommodation since there are several holiday homes to choose from within the different regions of Devon.

The Mystic North
Although the northern area of Devon is not the top choice for tourists, it still draws some visitors because of its mystic woodlands, scenic hills and its beaches. The area is highly recommended for those who want to enjoy the summer with very little distraction.

The Amazing Eastern Devon
If you’re looking for a classic country atmosphere during your vacation, then the eastern portion of Devon should be your top destination. The seaside village has enticed travelers for many decades and some of the towns in this area have managed to keep their tourists number high despite the constant development of many areas of the county.

The Increasingly Popular Middle Devon
While mid-Devon does not have numerous sandy beaches to attracted tourists from different countries in Europe, it still does have the Exmoor National Park. This is also complemented by Dartmoor National Park. Of course, even though mid-Devon doesn’t have direct access to beaches, the sea is just a short drive away.

The Beaches in South Devon
South Devon is a highly recommended destination for beach loving individuals. The scenery that compliments the calm waters of the south is also unavoidable. If the beach is not your cup of tea, there are still rivers and hills with impressive natural landscape for you to view.

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