29 April 2011

Choosing the Perfect Holiday Home in Le Touquet

Le Touquet is a beautiful resort commune in the northwest region of France. It’s a very popular tourist destination for locals especially for the wealthy because of the different amenities, activities and services available. But even though it’s often marketed for the opulent, many people can still visit Le Touquet and enjoy their holidays in this beautiful resort commune.
Experiencing Rapid Development
The resort town of Le Touquet in France was first developed in 1874. However, the beach and the surrounding area during that time were virtually deserted. It was only in 1882 that villas were actually built to easily facilitate interested tourists. Le Touquet became one of the most popular resort towns in France after the World War I. Slowly it became a place appealing to the wealthy and fashionable as more facilities and structures were built.
Le Touquet as a Modern Destination
Although its popularity is not as great as during its peak, many still consider the area for the wealthy. The designer shops in Le Touquet that reside about two to three blocks from the beach are heaven for those who would like to purchase the latest in fashion trends. Aside from the beautiful white sanded beach, casinos, five star hotels and other activities on the beach are easily accessible.
Choosing a Holiday Home in Le Touquet
A rule of thumb suggesting that most of expensive locations are always near the beach is not necessarily applicable in Le Touquet. There are holiday homes in Le Touquet that provides easy access to the beach, golf courses and casinos. The factor that really affects the rates for holiday homes in Le Touquet are the amenities and facilities included in the holiday homes as well as comfort for guests during their stay.

18 April 2011

Enjoying Antwerp with Different Holiday Homes

Antwerp is a beautiful, picturesque city in northern Belgium. It’s also a very popular business hub worldwide because of its role in the diamond trading with more than 70% of the world’s diamonds going through the city. But aside from its importance in the diamond world, it’s also a popular tourist destination with numerous tourist attractions.
Popular Structures in Antwerp
  • Cathedral of Our Lady – built during the 14th century, the Cathedral of Our Lady is a beautiful baroque church that towers over the city. Aside from its impressive architectural design, it is also the home of 4 Peter Paul Ruben’s paintings.
  • Antwerp Zoo – the zoo is popular for three reasons: first, it’s one of the oldest in the world (established in 1843). Secondly, it features more than 750 species (6,000 animals). Last but not the least; the Zoo has an in-house research center for conservation.
  • Het Steen (The Stone) –a recently restored fortified structure is a remnant of the city’s past in defending its jurisdiction and the country. It is also the perfect location to get a good view of the Scheldt River.
Choosing the Perfect home for a holiday in Antwerp
There are two types of great holiday homes in Antwerp. The first types of holiday homes are near the Scheldt River. They are ideal for tourists seeking serene background while they are on vacation. The second types of holiday homes in the city are near the city center or popular tourist destination. Holiday homes near popular destinations provide easy access to many services and forms of entertainment.

07 April 2011

Enjoying the Holiday Homes in Ghent

Located in the northern region of Belgium, Ghent is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country due to its beautiful and historic structures as well as interesting nightlife. The city is just 30 minutes by train from Brussels which adds to its appeal to tourist visiting the country because the area is easily accessible.
Visiting the City Center
Ghent is not just a city home to many century old structures; it was considered one of the most important cities in Europe during the Middle-ages. The magnificence of Ghent is only second to Paris because the city also features a beautiful lake that can take tourists to different places in the city.
The best way to enjoy almost every great piece of architecture Ghent has on offer is to start in the city center. A taxi ride from the train station should take no more than 10 minutes. From the city center, tourists can simply walk in different directions to visit and appreciated different structures that stood the test of time.
Choosing the Perfect Holiday Home in Ghent
Because of the numerous structures, interesting nightlife and other activities in Ghent, it’s suggested that tourists stay in the city for at least a week. Staying in a nearby hotel can be a good option but it could be very expensive especially for tourists traveling with a large family.
A good option for accommodation while staying in Ghent, Belgium is to rent a holiday home. These self-catering lodges are ideal for families and group of friends since they can rent a home in the Ghent on a budget while gaining access to some of the country’s most popular tourist spots.