17 May 2011

The Ideal Holiday Homes in Crete

The beautiful and historic island of Crete is a well-seasoned traveler’s dream of an ideal vacation. It’s a beautiful island that only has 60 days of rain per year. Even with the prominent dry season, the island is still lush with vegetation in different parts of the island. Aside from the beautiful vegetation and beaches, tourists can also visit the island for its historical structures and natural wonders inland.

Historical Significance of Crete

Crete is a very important island during the Bronze Age. The island is the center of Minoan Civilization that many consider as one of the most sophisticated during its time. Crete also has a role in Greek Mythology wherein the King of Crete did not choose to sacrifice a bull to the gods. As punishment, the wife of King of Crete (Minos) was forced to fall in love with a bull which was later called Minotaur.

Types of Holiday Homes in Crete

Renting a holiday home in Crete for a few weeks or days is an ideal form of accommodation. Tourists can choose a specific house where they can call a home for a while with their family or friends. The ideal holiday home for tourists depends on their preferred type of entertainment while on the island.

For a lively and interesting nightlife, the holiday homes in the eastern portion of the island are good options. On the other hand, tourists can head west or south so that they could find some villas to rent for a few days. The western and southern portion of the island is relatively quieter.