23 June 2011

Holiday Homes in Algarve

Algarve is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Portugal. Tucked in the southernmost tip of the country, the region borders Spain in the east with beautiful beaches on the west and the south. Holidays in Algarve
are very popular because of its beautiful, golden sand and amazing view of the ocean.
Tradition and Nature
Historically, Algarve has been the home of the Visigoths as well as the Moors. The background provides strong cultural influence in the region which also made some impact on the region’s structure. The history greatly complements the natural beauty of Algarve, as tourists can easily visit different beaches in the region that featuring a great view of the ocean.
Popular Towns in Algarve
Two of the most popular towns in Algarve are Aljezur and Lagoa. These towns provide a scenic view of the beach without the bustling noise of the region’s capital. Algarve’s capital is Faro which is also another popular tourist destination in Portugal. Tourists who want to enjoy the bustling nightlife as well as the beaches should stay in Faro. Aside from the well known beach towns, tourists can also consider visiting Portimao as well as Monchique. These towns are actually the regions best kept secret and you are unlikely to see another tourist in the area.
Choosing a Holiday Home
The best towns to consider for a holiday home in Algarve region are Faro, Lagoa and Aljezur. The areas are perfect for a short Algarve break and are great places where tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of the region with access to modern amenities. The holiday homes near the beaches are often expensive but tourists can consider the homes that will require some traveling. These homes are inexpensive and still give that homely atmosphere of the region.

15 June 2011

Enjoying Leuven with the Right Holiday Home

Leuven is a very popular tourist destination in Belgium because of its beautiful structures and appeal to young adults. One of the few cities in the world with the label “student city,” Leuven’s population bursts during the school year with most of the locals during term times being students.
Leuven’s popularity is mostly due to the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven which is the oldest Catholic university still in operation. But the presence of students has made the place a lot livelier, spawning an interesting nightlife and other historical attractions.
The most popular tourist attraction in Leuven is the Town Hall. Featuring a beautiful gothic architecture, some parts of the structure were built as early as mid-1400s. Another popular structure is the St. Peter’s Church which features a totally unique architecture but still featuring the beautiful Romanesque design. Other attractions are St. Anthony’s Chapel, the Linen-Hall and the Totem.
As a student city, access to Leuven is very easy. Trains and busses from Brussels and other popular cities in Belgium have direct access to Leuven. The Airport in Brussels is approximately 30 minutes by train to Leuven.
Finding the perfect holiday home in Leuven is very easy and economical. Many of the structures available for weekly accommodation are inexpensive and the often provide easy access to the university and the Town Hall. The best way to get a good rate is to check out local listings as many local businesses offer competitive rates for students, families and tourists who want to stay in Leuven for weeks or months. It doesn't matter if you want a holiday in Leuven or to rent a holiday home, if you're interested in historical sites and want a great nightlife this city will be a perfect getaway.

09 June 2011

Selecting the Perfect Holiday Home in Seychelles

The country of the Seychelles is relatively unknown globally but for tourists with experience, the beautiful archipelago of the Seychelles is one of the top destinations in the Indian Ocean. Located northeast of Madagascar, it has become an increasingly popular tourist destination. The country features exquisite beauty through its great beaches and coastlines and has privacy that rivals some of the best resorts in the world.

Arriving and Touring Seychelles

The most popular point of entrance from the outside world in the Seychelles is through its international airport. The Seychelles International Airport is located in the country’s capital, Victoria. The main branches of the government and major businesses are in the city and tourists often stop by Victoria to ensure their safe travel to different islands.

Touring Seychelles is very easy because of the extensive bus services. Each bus comes with a visible sign that signals its destination. Tourists simply pay the driver upon boarding. It’s the best way to visit different places on the islands because of the additional interaction with the locals.

The Major Islands in Seychelles

Seychelles has three major islands: Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. Each island comes with something interesting to offer for tourists especially on nature travel and water adventure.

Holiday Homes in Seychelles

Seychelles is a very popular tourist destination for honeymooners. For this reason, accommodation options for tourists are more than just a brief stay in the hotel. Tourists can easily find a holiday home to love in the Seychelles because the country has a majestic beach beautiful surroundings a friendly locals.

01 June 2011

Finding the Ideal Holiday Homes in Amsterdam

The beautiful city of Amsterdam offers more than just a relaxing weekend for tourists. It is also a city of culture with significant historical important not only for Netherlands but also for Europe. Structures from the past centuries, amazing culture and impressive natural setting make Amsterdam one of the top tourist destinations worldwide.

The Four Districts
Amsterdam’s city center has four districts: Old City, Canal Ring, Jordaan and Plantage. The most popular tourist destination is the Old City because it’s home to most of the century old structures in Amsterdam.
The Canal Ring, as the name suggests, is an area in the city where the river pass through. Although the area is known for its UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is also a popular spot for young adults because of the vibrant nightlife.
The district of Jordaan is well known for its multitude of boutiques and modern restaurants. Tourists on a budget often look for affordable souvenirs, food and other services in this district.
The district of Plantage slowly became a popular tourist attraction because of the botanical gardens and the zoo. The original plan for the district is to become an extension of the canal. But the plan was scrapped and the district became a spot for natural attractions.
Perfect Holiday Home Locations
The best holiday homes in Amsterdam are the ones that can give you a good view of the city. Holiday homes in the Canal Ring could be a bit expensive because of its historical importance but it’s worth it. Many of the holiday homes face in this district face the beautiful river and other attractions. For a more affordable alternative, the holiday homes in Jordaan are good options.